Instagram marketing apps is using Instagram to build your brand's visibility and launch brand new items. Instagram lets you create the image of your business and interact with your customers with a direct and personal approach.

There are tons of reasons why brands choose to be on Instagram, engagement with the audience being the important one. Instagram marketing apps allows users to create and publish unique content, and in a quest to shine in the crowd, brands and ad agencies have been tweaking and bending its default features like never before. Likewise, there is a myriad of tools and apps available to choose from when creating catchy content that aligns with your brand. Whatever way they decide to make the content, the goal remains the same: interest existing customers and attract potential ones.

7 best Instagram marketing apps


The first one we'd like to focus on is VSCO. Then, VSCO truly exceeds the boundaries of a standalone application -it's a functioning business on a massive expansion path! As per Crunchbase, VSCO makes $50 million a year through app sales and in-app purchases. Wow!

It's incredibly robust with features and provides the most beautiful experience. It allows for all kinds of editing you'd like, including mosaics and filters; you know what you want to do. VSCO is the standard in photo editing.

Huji Cam

Huji Cam has been downloaded over sixteen million times. This is incredible because it does one thing: it's a low-fi, old-fashioned filter for photos to make your images appear old-fashioned.

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Over is one of our favorite photo applications for a long time. With Over, you can add text to any photo you like. Imagine a picture using Canva light -- you have numerous typography styles, colors, and style choices.


There are many alternatives when it comes to creating collages or multi-photo layouts to use on Instagram. The top of our choices is Instagram's standalone application named Layout. It allows you to mix up to 9 photos in one go to create stunning layouts.


This is almost certainly the most effective piece of graphic design software that a company of any size could acquire. It enables the creation of stunning and one-of-a-kind images through its assortment of free and premium tools. It comes with a variety of templates that can be used to generate content that is specific to a number of different media platforms; however, the Instagram story template is where it really shines. It has a library that has over 60,000 different templates, and it is updated much more frequently than other libraries. It enables brands to develop graphics from scratch, giving them the ability to adjust visuals in accordance with the image they wish to convey about their company. This application has the highest market share among graphic artists because of its user-friendly interface.


Snapseed is another another application for altering photographs that provides you with the choice to modify your pictures in minute detail. In contrast to Instagram's built-in filters, which modify the entire photo all at once, Snapseed's Instagram tool enables you to apply effects using a brush, allowing you to fine-tune the particulars of each photograph.

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Another fantastic feature of Snapseed is called Stacks, and it allows you to save collections of filters as a template. These Stacks can then be applied to subsequent photographs, which will save you time and provide your entire feed with a uniform appearance.

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