The king of social media, Instagram is this photo-sharing platform that is the heartthrob of this generation. How to fix Instagram Loading Screen Issue From being an application with over a billion people in its database, Instagram manages to be the best social networking app with tons of features.

 Everyone loves it, and thus, whenever it stops working, it just makes it difficult and anxious for people to survive. .Instagram sometimes faces its loading screen and other bugs because of the vast data flowing around every second on this app. This makes it a huge thing when many people face this bug simultaneously, and there’s no fix to it.

Instagram has become a part of our lives that we can’t imagine a day without it so when this app goes down, it just irritates people and makes them google all kinds of searches to get the app up and running all over again.

Instagram Loading Screen Issue
Instagram Loading Screen Issue? Fix It 3

 Find out how to fix Instagram loading screen issue?

  • Instagram isn’t just a social networking app anymore. It is used for a lot of business purposes as well. 
  • People open small thrift stores on Instagram or brands, and other companies try their hand out at brand marketing through social media marketing. 
  • If you have more followers or you want to  get followers for your profile, or you have Influencers and other celebrities, make a career out of Instagram through collaborations. Then there are Instagram models and bloggers who are the talk of the town.
  • Many new features and live shows keep happening over this app, so basically, the use of Instagram is inevitable.
  • When it crashes, it needs to be fixed because of the continuous usage of this app.

Whenever you are trying to perform an activity on Instagram, you sometimes wonder How to fix the Instagram Loading Screen Issue. This happens like there pops up a message saying “something is wrong,” or your page keeps loading without opening for a while. You try to launch and relaunch the app, but this bug doesn’t go. For such problems, there are specific fixes that you can teach and check out your application and how it’s working post using the fixed.

1. Reinstall

 The most common fix which you will do involuntarily is reinstalling the application. Whenever your Instagram app stops working, load the application once and launch it. If nothing happens even then, uninstall the app. Then go to your google play store or app store and search for Instagram. Install it again and try it out. It should work. This can happen because of the new updates and bugs in the app.

2. Check wifi

Sometimes your wifi or internet connection might be slow, which can lead to your application not loading and running correctly. Switch off your internet and switch it on again. This will make sure if there were any connectivity issues, they could be resolved within seconds, and your app may start working again without the loading screen problem anymore.

3. Restart Application

If you are an iPhone user, you can try offloading the application once and then relaunch it. Sometimes this might help. Or you can close the app from the recent window too and then open it again. Launching the app once more can remove it from the hanging stage, and this will keep your app going and healthy for a long time.

Instagram Loading Screen Issue

4. Clear App Cache

App cache can clog your memory and make your phone slow. Try clearing it by going to your settings and then remembering. There you will see numerous apps which are installed on your phone. Click on Instagram and remove the app cache. Go back to your app and try using it out again.

All these fixes should help to understand How to fix Instagram Loading Screen Issue and have bug-free usage. You need to follow the guidelines and steps in the right way.