Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that is gaining popularity among millennials. Every day, you see thousands of stories upload on Instagram. Whether people are enjoying a party with their friends and family or going on a vacation, putting a story on your Instagram account is a great way to share moments. Hence, people are looking for some amusing Instagram highlight ideas to engage with the audience.

If you are an amateur influencer or content creator, adding highlights to your Instagram stories will make your profile look amazing and assists you to boost your audience on Instagram.

Instagram highlight ideas

What is an Instagram highlight story? 

Before knowing the Instagram highlight ideas directly, let us know what is meant by the Instagram highlight story feature? 

The Instagram highlight storey feature allows you to add a story symbolizing your brand or identity if you’re a business owner or content creator. On the other hand, if you use the app for fun, you may add stories related to your mood, personal moments or anything else that you wish to share with your followers.

You can find this feature on your profile under the bio section. To create an Instagram highlight, follow the instructions given. 

  • Tap the “highlight” option situated at the bottom right side in your story section. 
  • Select the highlight that you wish to add to your story.
  •  Or else, if you want to create a new highlight, tap on the “new” option and type give a name to it. And click to “add”.
  • That’s it! Your Instagram highlight creates in seconds.  

How to generate a new Instagram story highlight from your account? 

If you have an idea of creating your own Instagram highlight, follow the steps below. 

  1. Visit your account and tap on the big plus sign or the “new” button. 
  2. Choose the stories that you want to add to your new highlight. 
  3. Add a name to your new highlight, followed by hitting on the “next” option. 
  4. Select a cover highlight and tap on the “done” button. 

Best Instagram highlight ideas to create stories

If you are want to make the best Instagram highlight cover, read out the suggestions given. 

  • My family

If you want to share your family moments with your followers, go ahead with adding Instagram highlight ideas of your fun time with your friends and family. 

  • Books

Do you love reading books? If yes, add a highlight related to the books that wish to read in future or would read out to date. Or you may also publish your book. 

  • Podcast 

You can connect with the audience through podcasts. Make your podcast and promote it on Instagram. Click your photos with the guests, save the clips or add the screenshots of your latest podcast. Make sure that people won’t miss listening to you. Therefore, convey the message through highlights. 

  • Music 

If you’re a music lover, save the images of the latest music that you’re listening to and add them to the cover. 

Instagram highlight ideas
  • Email list

As a brand, business owner or influencer, it is crucial to keep your followers engaging with you. For this, try to promote your email list that quickly tells about your brand. For instance, what your brand does? Services offered by it offers that people get after signing up on your page, type of content that people receive from you.  

  • Art

Share your piece of art on which you want to get likes and comments. 

  • Article 

If you’re a blogger, share the new blog posts in your stories and save them to your highlights. With this, it will be easier for your followers to read your latest articles without making them open the Internet for the same purpose.