Whether you do it for fun or as your side hustle, posting on Instagram is entertaining. You can edit photos/videos by using filters to make them aesthetic.

Instagram Hashtags for Photography

Moreover, captions and hashtags are significant to catch the scroller’s eye. They increase your engagement whereas, the latter makes your post visible. Read this article to find the best Instagram Hashtags for Photography.

The hype about #hastags

You might have noticed the # sign after the caption on a significant number of posts. But do you know what it is? How is it relevant for your Instagram account?

In simple words, a hashtag is a word or phrase that we type alongside the octothorp symbol. These two elements are inseparable if you want your post to benefit from hashtags. Consider them as the bread and butter of effectively captioning your posts.

Using a hashtag indicates that the post belongs to a particular group or a specific topic. For instance, Instagram Hashtags for Photography symbolize that you have a photography business account. Or that your post falls under the photography community of Instagram.

Moreover, hashtags make your posts easily discoverable in the crowd. You can type and search any hashtag in the search box. The app will automatically show the results with all the posts that contain that specific hashtag.

However, if you are unable to increase your reach, you can do so by creating more entertaining content. Once people start liking what you post, they will like, comment, and share your posts. In this way, you can kick start your Instagram account the way it deserves.

Types of Instagram hashtags

For the uninitiated, Instagram captions fall into different categories. It helps users to use only those hashtags that are relevant to their photographs. Moreover, categorizing hashtags also limits their usage.

  1. Product/service hashtags- You can use these hashtags to describe your product or the services you offer.
  2. Niche hashtags- As the name suggests, niche hashtags connect your post with a specific niche. It can be #traveling, #cooking, #blogging, #darkacademia, or #foodblogger.
  3. Instagram community hashtags- Hashtags helps you connect with people and form communities. For instance, if you have a writing page on Instagram, you can use #poetsofinstagram, #writingcommunity, or #writersofinstagram.
  4. Special event hashtags- People generally use these hashtags for holidays, festivals, and special occasions.
  5. Daily hashtags- These are the basic ones that people generally use in their posts. You can go for #mondayblues, #sundayfunday, #photooftheday, etc.
  6. Branded hashtags- Instagram is the hub of big companies and renowned brands. Therefore, sponsored posts are essential and a symbol of growth. You can use the branded hashtags for such paid collaborations and sponsored posts.

The basic rules of using hashtags

If you want to include Instagram Hashtags for Photography in your caption, never forget these golden rules.

  • Avoid using spammy and broken hashtags
  • Do not include irrelevant hashtags
  • Always use hashtags on a public Instagram account
  • Do not overcrowd your post with hashtags because it reduces their efficiency
Instagram Hashtags for Photography

The best hashtags for photography lovers

Here are the top 15 and most popular Instagram Hashtags for Photography must use in their feed:

  1.  #photographylovers
  2.  #photographyislife
  3.  #photographyisart
  4.  #photographyskills
  5.  #photographoftheday
  6.  #throughthelens
  7.  #picoftheday
  8.  #instaphoto
  9.  #instadaily
  10.  #photogram
  11.  #visuals
  12.  #worldphotographypage
  13.  #beautifuldestinations
  14.  #photographerstream
  15.  #mobilephotography

How many to include?

It is an interesting question as there is no correct or incorrect number of hashtags. The only important thing you need to remember while using them is that overcrowding gives the user opposite results.

Some people prefer using up to 30 hashtags in a post and ten Instagram Hashtags for Photography in a story. On the contrary, many believe that 11 is a good number for your regular Instagram post.

Also, you will have to test for a few days to determine which hashtag works the best for you.