Anyone who contacts you directly via Instagram and based on what they say or do, you will be able to send an automated drip-feed of messages. Let’s find out!

Direct messaging drips on Instagram are brand new for this Instagram platform. To dive into creating efficient Instagram direct messaging advertising campaigns, let us show how they operate in real-time. 

Instagram Direct Message Marketing: Drip Campaigns 

Step 1: 

choose drip campaigns in the drop-down menu located on the left-right.

Select the blue + Create Drip Campaigns button at the centre of the screen.

In the middle of your newly-created drip campaign, you should give your campaign a name and mention Instagram as the social media platform you would like to utilize by putting a checkmark on the box above "Instagram".

Step 2: 

Then, we must select an audience to get your drip-marketing campaign.

In this case, we've picked a customized target audience. However, to begin, we recommend that you select the "All Contacts" option, which means your drip campaigns will be sent to every person who has sent you a private Instagram DM at first.

It's also important to remember that you can make custom audiences and tags to create as many audiences as you'd like. This means that you can create drip campaigns that can only be sent out to those who meet certain criteria.

You could, for instance, create a drip campaign based on how people have answered your Instagram robot's inquiry or trigger a drip campaign using a specific keyword. For example, in Larry's drip-based campaign, you DM Larry using the phrase "DRIP", and you'll receive five DM's from Larry that contain useful advice on getting started using Instagram DM automated drip and drip campaign.

If a user is part of your specific target market, they'll instantly be added to your list and will be sent the first email in your drip series.

Step 3: 

Select the time between DM Drips, and then create your Dialogue

Then, you must determine the length of time between the moments someone signed up for your drip campaign takes them to get each of your direct messages via Instagram.

In the example below, we've decided to use just 5 minutes to show this feature.

But, most drip campaigns generally last over a week or so and with two days between messages.

You can include as many drip campaign dialogues you like by clicking the + Add another Drip Campaign Dialogue button.

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Step 4: 

Add Conversational Chat Widgets (Optional)

Let's add a chat widget to our campaign. There are more than a dozen chat widgets available to pick from. You can determine what chat applications can be Instagram compatible by searching to see Instagram's logo. Instagram logo.

You can bypass this step and use only Text widgets if they are something you enjoy, but it's crucial to be aware that you can use chat widgets to boost your Instagram direct messaging marketing campaigns.

Step 5: 

Review and establish your Drip Campaign Live

Once you are sure that your Instagram drip-marketing campaign is set to go live, you must click the Start button and set the campaign to motion. 

Direct messages on Instagram (DMs) have progressed with the advent of automated direct messages via tools. Influencers and marketers are adapting to what this means for direct messaging on Instagram. No doubt that Instagram direct messages are among the most efficient channels to make more sales through Instagram. However, Instagram direct message marketing is under-utilized because DM management is largely manual and labor intensive.

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