In the past couple of years, many app users complain that their accounts have been deleted by Instagram without any prior notice or for no reason.


Instagram Deleted My Account
Instagram Deleted My Account 18

The people are struggling to reactivate their accounts. However, all of them are not able to accomplish the task. It takes several years to boost the number of followers on Instagram. Yet, the situation will be heartbreaking for you.    

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons behind “Instagram Deleted My Account”. And some of the best solutions to resolve the issue.

Why Instagram deletes profiles without any notifications? 

There might be several reasons behind deleting or disabling your Instagram account without any prior notice. The causes could include, 

  • You might haven’t visited or opened up your Instagram account for a long time. Due to which the app didn’t capture any activity. 
  • Someone might have reported against your account. 
  • You could have violated Instagram terms and conditions. 
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If your account has been disabled or deleted, you may face some errors like “We’re sorry, something went wrong”, “Your account has been disabled”, “Your Instagram account deleted”. Or even texts like “couldn’t found username”. 

In the above-mentioned issues, the app will not send any message or notification informing the account owners that their accounts are in danger of getting deleted or disabled. 

However, after receiving the complaints of automatic deletion of the accounts, Instagram finally updated its disabling or deleting policies on 18th July 2021.

The new policy stated if Instagram detects any suspicious activity on the profiles or if someone violates their terms and conditions, they will send the notification before deleting that account.

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On the other hand, you may be surprised to know that most of the deleted accounts were owned by the businesses.

Instagram Deleted My Account

It takes lots of time and effort to build connections, getting likes, posts, and comments and, if the account vanishes suddenly, it hurts.

It makes the user unhappy, specifically if they had dedicated almost everything to create their brand identity.

Therefore, the victims demand to reactivate their deleted accounts, but Instagram is unable to resolve the issues as it doesn’t have telephonic support plus, it needs improvements at its helpdesk.

Hence, it is better to reactivate your account yourself.

Below you can find some tips to solve the problems regarding account deletion.

How to reactivate your disabled or deleted Instagram account?

With the ease of technology, people have found some ways to recover disabled or deleted Instagram accounts.

However, Instagram announced that they had facilitated the users to ask for the account recovery if they didn’t violate their terms and conditions.

To request recovery, the user needs to submit a report at the help center. And in response, Instagram will send an email asking for some additional information about the deleted account.

Now, let’s know how you can recover your account on android and iPhone.

Instagram Deleted My Account
Instagram Deleted My Account 19

For android users 

If you’re an Android user, follow the given steps to reactivate your account. 

  • Open the login screen on Instagram. 
  • Tap on the “get help” option situated below the login icon.
  • Enter your username, phone number or email. And tap “next”. 
  • If you can’t recollect your username, recover it using the “don’t know your username” option.  
  • Tap on “My login info isn’t working” on the screen. And follow the given instructions.

For iPhone users

iPhone users must use the given instructions to recover the account. 

  • On the login page, tap on “forgot password”. 
  • Send the login link and tap on “My login info isn’t working”. 
  • Enter your account details and submit the report. 
  • Once the application is sent, Instagram will send an email asking for more information about the account.  


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