Instagram is all about bringing the community together. New likes lead to new comments and new comments lead to new followers, which ultimately helps Instagram to achieve its goal i.e. to keep the community alive and engaged. As one of the leading social media platforms, Instagram is all about likes, comments and followers. On average, it is estimated that there are over 95 million posts made on Instagram each day and currently Instagram has almost 1 billion active users.

The large userbase makes Instagram a healthy platform for business promotion. There is no business in the world that cannot be marketed using this platform. However, it is not easy as it sounds. Every business promotion and activity on Instagram requires a proactive social media marketing strategy, and each feature of Instagram demands attention including followers’ tab, likes and most importantly, comments.

Instagram Comments
Instagram Comments – Why they matter? 6

Why do comments matter on Instagram?

If you are trying to promote your brand or business using Instagram, then one way you can help your business to make a name for themselves on Instagram is by making the most out of your comments section. The comments section gives you the chance to interact with your followers, potential customers and even clients. If you actively engage with your followers through the comments section, it helps you building a constructive and positive image of your business in front of other businesses and clients. It is important to acknowledge the significance of being polite and friendly with the people in your comments section. This article focuses on the importance of comments in detail.

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Indicates Potential Customers

It is of ultimate importance to have posts on your business profile that have a large number of comments. This not only helps in the growth of your business profile, but also presents the image to other clients and customers that your business is active and ready to welcome potential customers. People love to deal with and invest in a business that has significant social media activity. Having a large number of likes and comments can make your business attract more clients. Engaging with the people in comments also adds to the digital growth of your brand and is one of the top strategies of visual marketers.

Proof of Social Media Popularity

You can easily predict the growth and brand value of a business just by going through its Instagram brand profile. The number of comments on their posts is highly significant. A large number of comments means a large number of followers and likes, and so the engagement of a business profile tells a lot about its relationship with its customers and clients. Similarly, it is easy to predict the social inactivity of a business if their Instagram brand profile has low number of comments and likes despite being active for years.

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Social Media Popularity
Instagram Comments – Why they matter? 7

Advantage to Business

Almost every new business nowadays starts off its marketing strategy by aiming to build a healthy social media brand face. The main target of social media marketing team of any new business is to build itself a brand name on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you are one of those people looking to develop a healthy face for your business on Instagram, then each comment on your Instagram brand profile is of critical importance.

Advantage to Business
Instagram Comments – Why they matter? 8

Instagram comments help in building relationships with new followers and fans and boosts your brand profile, which ends up being of utmost importance to your business. It is important you pay attention to every new comment and make sure to develop good relationships with your followers.

Building the community!

By working towards getting new comments and followers for your brand profile, you are helping not only your own business. in fact, you are playing your part in building a strong community on Instagram. Each new follower, new like, and comment helps to keep the community fresh and active. A comment on a post encourages other people to engage too. Hence, comments are the way for your business profile to reach a wide audience.

Clever ways to gain more comments

So far, we have discussed in detail the significance of comments on Instagram and you may be asking yourself by now, “How do I get such large number of comments on my brand’s profile?”

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In 2021, Instagram, like Facebook, ended up changing its preference algorithm and announced that they would show users content they cared about first – no matter when it was posted. They started to prioritize brands and advertisements less heavily. The most important factor which now determines Instagram user’s feed is the number of likes and comments a post has. Hence, in short, the more comments you have on your post, the more positive feedback it receives from Instagram’s algorithm and gets preference in newsfeeds over other posts.

There are legal ways by which you can buy authentic comments for your Instagram posts and this investment can be constructive boost to your brand profile. Some other clever ways which you can implement to achieve high number of comments and engagement on your Instagram post are:

  • Ask users to engage in comments
  • Publish at the right time of the day
  • Respond and be active to comments and queries
  • Increase number of posts
  • Use effective captions
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Hold a Q/A activity in comments
  • Hold a giveaway contest using comments section
gain more comments
Instagram Comments – Why they matter? 9


Instagram comments section may seem to be an ordinary feature, but we are now fully aware that in reality, it’s of paramount importance for businesses and brands. Digital marketing, online visual storytelling and brand promotion, and eventually the whole marketing of a brand now relies on platforms like Instagram. It is imperative to build a social media marketing strategy for your business and add a key target to it: gaining the maximum possible comments on the Instagram posts.