Instagram Stories has more weaves, thanks to the Super zoom camera format. Do you know how to zoom in on Instagram Stories? Let’s find out!

Instagram is a great place to get creative and fun photos and videos. Let’s learn how to zoom in on Instagram Stories to add drama and excitement to boring videos.

How to zoom in on Instagram Stories

1. Normal Mode:

Pinching the screen in Normal mode allows you to zoom in/out and click a picture on Instagram Stories. You can zoom in/out to record an Insta Story video. To do this, press the record key and slide the same finger upward/down.

NOTE: Make sure to hold the record button while zooming in/out. Or else the recording will stop.

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2. Rewind Mode:

Because the events occur in reverse order, a 'Rewind" mode video is adorable and hilarious. You can zoom in/out to shoot a Rewind video. To do this, press the record key and then swipe your finger up/down, just like in the Normal mode. You can also remove your finger from the record button to stop the recording. You can zoom in on Instagram Stories and record in the 'Rewind’ way.

3. Boomerang

It's exciting to create Instagram Stories while shooting a video in Boomerang. We'll show you how to zoom in/out of Instagram Stories using Boomerang's Superzoom mode. To zoom in/out on your Insta Stories video, hold the record button down longer. You can hold the button for as long or less than the maximum amount of time.

4. Handsfree Mode

You can zoom in/out using either the 'Hands-Free" or 'Hands-Free) modes. Before you record the video, pinch the screen to zoom in or out. Tap the record button. After a few seconds, the video will automatically be recorded. Remember! This mode allows you to use the 'Hands-Free" mode without pressing the record button. The second method is identical to zooming in/out on Instagram Stories videos. Hold the record button until you get to where you want to zoom in/out. To zoom in/out, hold down the record key and move your finger up/down. This is how to zoom into/out of Instagram Stories in 'Hands-free' mode.

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Edit Insta Videos with Wondershare Filmora

If you have an easy-to-use video editing program, editing Instagram videos will be simple. Wondershare Filmora, one of these tools, is an excellent choice because you can personalize your videos to suit your needs, even if no training is required.

We are sure you know how to use Instagram filters to make the best Instagram Stories. We're sure you have learned how to capture zoom videos quickly and easily using the mentioned techniques. You can choose the speed at which you capture and customize the video content to make your videos stand out. It is important to know how to zoom Instagram Stories and how to add background music to it. It is important to be cautious when zooming in on videos as it can affect the resolution and make them look blurry. But don't worry, Instagram Stories are still the coolest thing to experiment with while curetting exciting videos.

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