We have all heard of someone who keeps winning giveaways all the time. From winning a gorgeous handbag to free shopping coupons, to concert tickets, there is so much to win through giveaways from Instagram. You could even end up winning a car.


How to Win Giveaways on Instagram?

Here are the top five tips from people who have made a fortune out of winning giveaways on Instagram. Use these insider strategies to win from the smallest to the biggest giveaways on Instagram.

Who doesn’t like to win a freebie? But most people would call you cynic if you ask them to participate because they believe giveaways are spam. Ask a constant giveaway winner if they would agree on this fact.

People take their notion of disbelief a step ahead by thinking giveaways are nothing but devious scams. They are purposely hosted to extract your details without a real winning prize. But that isn’t the case at all. You can win real prizes in giveaways on Instagram. And we are going to share with you the top five tips to improve your chances of winning big in giveaways hosted on Instagram.

1. Follow Giveaway Hashtag on Instagram

Although this might seem a pretty obvious thing to do it is the best place to start. The best way to find all the giveaways happening on the Instagram app is through following the hashtag “Giveaway” or “#Giveaway”. Use the “Recent” or the “Top” amongst available Instagram features to find the most suitable giveaways active now.

how to win giveaways on Instagram
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Is it jewelry that interests you most or is it tech-gadgets? Then, follow the hashtags “#jewellerygiveaway”, “#mobilegiveaway”, “#laptopgiveway”, #xboxgiveaway, etc. Use such specific giveaway hashtags, join new giveaways, and see your chances of winning giveaways on an Instagram blossom for real.

2. Follow Independent Businesses

Over the years, Instagram has become a great shopping hub for today’s advanced generation. But getting your independent business past the growing competition on Instagram is quite hard.

Instagram is now owned by Facebook. They make huge amounts of money through promotional advertisements on Instagram. Businesses regularly pay for these promotional advertisements to get to their target audience on Facebook as well as Instagram. This simply means that independent businesses need a large advertisement budget that most cannot afford. So, hosting giveaways is the best way to reach more people on Instagram. It is one of the most successful ways to side-step the Instagram algorithm.

So yes! Participating in Instagram giveaways hosted by independent businesses will make you win more prizes on Instagram.

3. Enter in Giveaways Hosted By Instagrammers with A Smaller Follower Count

Some Instagram accounts, whether business or influencer, have a huge followers’ count while others have a small followers’ count. Some have been around for a long time on Instagram, some just paid for a huge endorsement from a celebrity face, while some are good at posting often. Who knows? But they are hosting some interesting giveaways to get to their target audience.

Imagine entering a giveaway at two business accounts on Instagram. One business account has 10,000 followers while the other just have 1000 followers for now. Which giveaway do you think you have more chances of winning? The one with fewer followers, right? Your chances of winning increase when you participate in such giveaways because you are helping them grow on Instagram.

4. Follow All Details Mentioned in the Caption to Qualify

You can’t win giveaways unless you don’t qualify. Check and double-check if you have correctly followed all the rules to qualify for the giveaway prize. Otherwise, no matter how many people you get involved with, it won’t matter. Why? Because you don’t qualify all the rules that the giveaway host asked you for.

how to win giveaways on Instagram
How to Win Giveaways on Instagram? 17

5. Go the Extra Mile to Win Cherry Points

If the giveaway host asks you to tag two friends, make your winning chances double by adding four friends or even triple them by tagging six. The pattern can go on and on. Most giveaway winners go for this trick. Giveaway hosts also use software applications to find the winner. The more you tag and comment, the more you increase your chances to win.

So, now that you know

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