There is no official method to watch Instagram live without them knowing. However, you can make solutions to accomplish this to watch live.

Is there a legal method to stream live Instagram videos without not even? There is no alternative to watch Instagram live without them knowing. The broadcaster will be aware that you have seen their video. There are a few alternative ways you can view streaming Instagram videos.

How can I live stream Instagram live stream without being aware?

In the following article, we will go over some of the easiest techniques to reduce stress.

Method 1. Watch Instagram Live stream anonymously by changing the Username or Name.

You can change your Username or Name to conceal your identity when watching the live stream.

To change the Username, Go to your Instagram account section, and click on 'Edit Profile.’

Cleanse the old Username and then enter your new Username.

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The same applies to changing the Name If you want to change it.

Click on the Right Tick icon in the upper right corner of the screen to save modifications.

You can now stream Instagram live without anyone knowing.

Method 2. View the video once they save it to an IGTV video.

Instagram gives users the possibility to save the live film as IGTV video. The creator is able to save the live video to IGTV when the video is finished. If they've recorded the footage as an IGTV video, you may enjoy it without knowing.

Method3 - How do you observe Instagram Live without them knowing by creating a brand new account?

You can create a second empty account to watch the live stream without being aware. However, to set up your account, it is possible that you need to provide an email address and phone number to verify the account.

When you sign up for an account, you can follow the person who created the video you'd like to watch and remove the account.

Log in to your account and wait until the live video starts. (They might inform you of the next live video schedule, or you may need to check their account frequently).

When the live stream starts, Log in to your account that is blank and then unblock the account. Then, you can watch Instagram live without them knowing.

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After the video is finished, you can block the user and log off from the account.

Repeat the process each time a new video is uploaded.

You may need to manage two accounts; however, this is the most efficient and secure method that I've ever advised my friend in response to his query about "How to watch Instagram live without them knowing?"

Method 4: Use another's account to stream them live

You can also log into a family member's account on their phone or log into your mobile and view the video using their ID. So your identity will be concealed, but you can watch the video. It could be a problem when your family members ask why you want to know your phone number or account. Make sure you have your answer ready or be prepared for long arguments.

Method 5: Use website tools to use Instagram without revealing your identity. (Not recommended)

Some websites allow you to view Instagram live streams without being aware. The program will ask users to input their Username and then creates randomly generated usernames for you. Then, you can watch the live video on the website.

This isn't our preferred method because, before showing you the live video, they'll ask you to finish a task like watching an advertisement, performing various things that will redirect users to spam websites or other sites, etc. A lot of us are angry and do not want locks on content. It is, therefore, better to stay away from such websites. It is possible to use a different approach that was mentioned earlier.

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Can I watch Instagram Live without an Account?

Here are some solutions using which you can access Instagram without an account

Use Other's Instagram Account

Create an account and use the generic account details If you are concerned about privacy.

Utilize third-party applications that permit you to use Instagram without a login. (not recommended, please read the above section to learn about the issues)

You can also read how-to-see-when-someone-followed-you-on-Instagram for more updates!

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