Are you interested in knowing how to access story reshares on Instagram? Let’s find out how you can do that!

It's impossible to see stories reshared on Instagram because nobody has shared your story publicly on your Instagram stories. Reshares of your story will appear only if someone posts the post to the Instagram story. Open the post you would like to see reshares for, and then tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Then, from the menu, select "View Story Reshares". Then, you'll see the list of accounts that have posted your content to their stories.

See story reshares on Instagram

The post's shared date can be seen in the upper left corner of the story. You can also tap the story to view the person who shared it.

1. Click on the post you'd like to open to see the Reshares

First, open the Instagram app and sign into your account If you haven't done so previously.

Tap the icon for the profile in the lower navigation bar.

You'll see your Instagram profile once you tap on the icon of your profile.

Scroll down until you reach the post you'd like to view the reshares of.

For the posting to be opened, tap on it.

2. Make three taps

When you open the page, you'll see your profile name on top of the post and 3 dots in the upper-right corner.

To look at the post options, tap on these three dots.

Proceed through the steps to follow.

3. Select "View Story Reshares."

After tapping three dots on your screen, you'll be presented with options such as Post to other applications ..., Read Story Reshares in View, pin on your account, archive and Delete, Edit Hide Like Count, and turn off comments.

Choose the "View Story Reshares" or "View Story Reshares" option from the menu options to publicly display the current Reshares.

Here's how the current Reshares that are publically available:

The stories' previews will be shown together with the date on which the stories were published.

Click on the preview of your story to find out who posted your post via the Instagram story.

If you do not find "View Story Reshares" in the menu, no one has publicly shared your story via Instagram stories.

If someone has privately shared your post on their Instagram story, you won't get a preview of their story on the "Current Public Reshares" page.

For instance, the account I use for my Instagram profile is not public. Therefore, when I post a photo on my Instagram story, I won't have my account under the "Current Public Reshares" page.

If a person has posted your story in their Instagram story, but only to their closest friends and family members, you won't be able to see their account in"Current Public Shares. "Current Public Reshares" page.

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What's wrong with my reshares of stories on Instagram?

It's impossible to see stories reshared on Instagram because nobody has shared your story publicly on your Instagram stories. Reshares of your story will appear only if someone posts the post to the Instagram story.

What can I do to find out how many times my blog post was shared?

To find out how many shares your content has received, you'll need to change your account to one of the "Creator" or "Business" accounts. Once you've switched to the "Creator" or "Business" account on Instagram, you will access the post's analysis.

To find out what number of times your blog post was shared, click here:

  • Open the blog.
  • Tap on "View Insights"
  • Check the number of the shares under the icon of the paper plane.

There is no way to tell. Instagram did not get rid of story sharing. To view the story reshares, open the post, tap the three dots, and click "View Story Reshares." If nobody has shared your post publicly on their Instagram story, You will not get"View Story Reshares. "View Story Reshares" option.

How can I see the latest public Story Reshares on Instagram?

To see the latest public Reshares currently available on Instagram, open the post, then tap the three dots in the upper right of your post. Select "View Story Reshares" from the "View Story Reshares" option.

Who has posted your content to the Instagram stories?

To find out who has shared your posts on the Instagram stories, Tap on the three dots at the top right-hand corner of your post. After that, tap on the "View Story Reshares" option. There is no "View Story Reshares" option when no one has publically posted your story to your Instagram story.

Identifying who posted your content in the Stories on Instagram is difficult.  Stories. Fortunately, Instagram's "View Story Reshares" function lets you easily view the stories’ reshares. 

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