The obvious question is how to view old direct messages on Instagram without scrolling? If you choose to stay on Instagram, it may be challenging to handle hundreds of messages. You'll be unable to scroll until the top. So let’s find out!

If you'd like to scan your first messages, it is necessary to open Instagram via your computer using the web browser. The web browser lets you take advantage of a larger screen and therefore allows you to scroll faster than on your mobile.

1. Use Your Desktop

When you're on Instagram, You must hit the DM icon and choose the conversation you'd like to view the initial messages or messages from the past.

From here, you'll need to use your touchpad to scroll down swiftly. It is also possible to hold the button up until you've seen messages older than the person you're talking to or scroll to the end to view the first few messages. When you press the pg up button, all you have to do is to press it, and it'll immediately begin to climb. As opposed to your smartphone, you don't need to scroll to get to the top, and even when it's too busy, the application may eventually crash as you scroll.

Suppose you are aware of the messages you're specifically looking for. In that case, you can utilize your Ctrl + F option to search for messages in the open conversion you're looking to search earlier messages for. To accomplish this, you must scroll to the point where you'd like the search feature to search. From here, click Ctrl + F, and search for what you want to search for in your DM conversation. From here, you'll be able to see the information you were looking at highlighted in yellow.

After you've had the first few messages you exchanged with one another, you can record them in storage to ensure that you don't need to go through them again. You can also take your phone out and capture the messages so that you don't spend time repeating the same thing.

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2. Download Your Messages

Another method to view old direct messages on Instagram without scrolling is to download the messages. Since it's a txt file and doesn't require to be loaded, you can scroll quickly to your first messages between one another. Another option is to use your Ctrl + F option to locate specific messages you have with somebody.

The data Download tool allows you to download any information stored in the contents of your Instagram account. It lets you download images and save history, search history, and messages. Since it's all stored in text form, it implies you can search for the words you're searching for in messages.

  • Choose the icon for your profile.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Data Download
  • Input your email address, then select Request Download.
  • When you receive an email with the hyperlink to download the files.

After downloading the zip file, you can click on your messeges.json file. This will create a record of all the phrases and words used throughout the conversations you've been having. It may appear like a mess initially, but things will become clear when you look for specific words or phrases in conversations.

To search for an exact Instagram message, open the search feature by pressing Ctrl+F on Windows or Cmd+F for Mac or search in your phone's file manager.

From here, enter your search term. If you find a match, it will be highlighted in yellow.

If you're looking to go back to your first message to someone or messages from the past, you can simply scroll to the point you want. Since the messages are in text format, you can perform this task without scrolling too long. Also, since there's no loading requirement, the entire thing can be completed in one swift scroll.

Instagram was initially popular as a photo-sharing site, and then they began to add DMs after a couple of years to let you chat via DMs with friends. If you've been on Instagram for quite a while, you've probably sent hundreds of messages over your lifetime. If you've had a particular friend for a long time, you might be curious about the initial messages you've sent them. However, the issue is that to reach the initial messages you've sent one another; you'll need to scroll for long periods to get there.

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