Are you looking for some secure ways to browse Instagram without registering on the app? Do you want to stalk Instagram pictures, images, and videos without having to log in to your Instagram account? Then, here are the best ways on how to view Instagram without an account.

Instagram has certainly become a pretty great source of entertainment for social media users worldwide. Some people use the app for some pure interactions like making new friends and dating. While other users hop on this top-notch social media app for business purposes. If you still don’t have an Instagram account and you haven’t made up your mind on signing up yet. Then, there are some unique ways to view Instagram pictures and profiles just right.

Although the features you will be able to access without really having an Instagram account are extremely limited, but using the right methods to view Instagram posts and profiles can take you a long way. 

Viewing Public Profiles on Instagram Without an Account: How to View Instagram Without an Account?

You can’t view Instagram profiles without an account on Instagram. Opening the Instagram website in your browser won’t help. However, you can always use a third-party app. The best third-party app will let you view public profiles on Instagram as you wish. 

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But you can still find a specific profile if you know their exact username. You can also use a specific profile’s Instagram URL to view it. Don’t have an Instagram profile URL? Here is how to make one to get you going.

You can simply type the Instagram website URL in your web browser along with the account username. For instance, you can write in the web browser. 

Clicking on this link will direct you to Apple’s Instagram profile in seconds. Then, you can see their profile picture, bio, stories, posts, and more posts only from the visible icons. On clicking the story, post, or show more posts option, the login to see more window is going to pop up. So, in simple words what you will see is just a glimpse of an Instagram profile and nothing more. 

Here’s what you would see from your PC web browser if you follow the above-mentioned link to check out Apple’s profile on Instagram:

On Clicking Link:  

img 60c85416b5015 How to View Instagram Without an Account?

On Clicking Stories:

img 60c85418c231c How to View Instagram Without an Account?

On Clicking Posts or Show More Posts:

img 60c8541b42603 How to View Instagram Without an Account?

Viewing Private Profile on Instagram without an account:

You can only view the private profile icon and bio using the Instagram URL along with the username. You will have to create an account on Instagram and follow the private account user to see more. Their content will only be visible to you if they accept your connection request on Instagram.

Viewing Instagram Without Logging in To an Account:

You can only view someone’s Instagram profile without logging in to an Instagram account. You won’t get a chance to interact with Instagram profiles and content in a most detailed way like a regular Instagram user.

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Things You Cannot Do on Instagram Without an Account:

The simple catch is that Instagram doesn’t welcome users who have no account on their social media platform. So, there isn’t much you can do on Instagram without having an account there. 

Just because you got to access a public profile summary or a private profile icon doesn’t make much difference. Why? Because that counts as nothing if you ask people who use Instagram every single day.

Without signing up on Instagram or logging in on Instagram, all you will get to view is negligible details of a user on Instagram

Here’s a small glimpse of all the things that you will be missing out on if you don’t have an account on Instagram:

  • Posting Comments
  • Viewing Comments
  • Zooming Photos
  • Viewing Stories
  • Viewing Story Highlights
  • Following an account on Instagram, etc.

Anytime you will attempt to do one of the above-mentioned things, an Instagram sign-in/log-in prompt is the first thing you will notice.

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