How to view a Private Instagram account
How to view a Private Instagram account? 15

Types of Instagram accounts

In terms of privacy, it separates accounts into two categories: Public or Private. When you first make an Instagram account, it will have the default setting of “Public” on it. This will mean that all people can see your posts; your followers and non-followers. Your posts can also end up on the “Explore” Tab. Public posts will also appear in searches. When someone searches a hashtag or a location you have used, your post will be in one of the searches.


Some users would rather not show everyone their pictures and videos. For them, the option of making their account private is available. Making an account private will limit the people who can view your content. By only allowing people, you follow to see your posts and profile. Changing an account from public to private is easy and quick. It is done by changing the default privacy settings of your account.

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Changing from public to private Instagram account

  • The first step is to go to your Profile by tapping the icon on the bottom right.
  • Tap on the gear icon, and it will open “Settings.”
  • Now tap on the option labeled “Privacy.”
  • Here the default settings will show that settings are set to “Public.”
  • Using the toggle bar, Switch the Privacy Account to “ON” by moving it to the right.
  • There you have it, and now your accounts setting is set to “Private.” These settings are effective immediately. Only people you follow will be able to view your private account now.

Private Profile Settings

If you switch from a public to a private setting, you will need to keep a few things in mind. These include:

  • Follow requests will need to be approved by you for each user.
  • Once your account is set to private, a user will need to send you a follow request to view your profile, your follower’s list, and your following list.
  • People can still send you messages, even if they don’t follow you. These messages will need to be approved by you. They will also appear in the list of message requests.
  • However, it is best to keep in mind that non-followers will still be able to see your bio and profile.
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Who can like and comment on your posts

Only followers (people who you have allowed) can see your posts and profile. Therefore, only they can like and comment on your posts. Thus, having a private account is like constructing a barricade between your posts and other people., only allowing people you trust to see your activities.

Viewing a private account

The straightforward way to get viewing access for a private Instagram account is to simply tap on the “Follow” button on the app or website. After clicking on this button, you will need to wait for the person to approve your request. This is the only legal and appropriate way to gain access to a person’s content. After following the person, you will be able to exchange messages back and forth easily. Therefore, you should follow a private account to view it.

Step to follow a private account.

Consider the situation you are trying to get to know a person and realize that they have an Instagram account. But Oh no! their account isn’t available for public viewing. In that case, follow the steps given below:

  • One of the most direct and forward ways is to give them a follow request.
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ways is to give them a follow request.
How to view a Private Instagram account? 16
  • This is done by tapping on the following button.
  • Now that you have sent the request, you will have to wait and be patient.

Other Methods of Viewing

You can view a private Instagram account through a friend or other account as well. If your friend is already following the private account through their account- you can view the profile with your friend’s or acquaintance’s permission, of course.

If you want to see a particular post on a private account, you can ask your friend to take a private post’s screenshot and send it to you. Otherwise, you can resort to other methods.

Create a Fake Account

You can resort to creating a fake account if direct messages and sending a follow request doesn’t work for you. You can create a fake account!

While many do not use this practice, as it is seen as unethical, Instagram does not endorse it, or by us. Therefore, do this at your own risk. However, if you are using this method, we recommended that you limit its usage. Creating a fake account is useful in viewing a private account because it can bypass more security and visibility settings. While making a fake account, you must make its persona appeal to the person you wish to follow. After that is done, go ahead and send a request to the user.

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Using Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

The internet is full of options. Many websites on the internet guarantee you access to private Instagram accounts. They seem easy and only have a few steps; however, observe an extreme level of caution with this option. Sounds amazing? Well, sometimes looks can be deceiving. The way it works is:

  • They ask you to enter your Instagram username.
They ask you to enter your Instagram username
How to view a Private Instagram account? 17
  • After which, they will ask you if you wish to view or download photos.
  • These websites also ask for your personal information.
  • After these steps, it will finally take you to the private account you wish to view.

We personally don’t recommend using any of these sites, as they don’t look safe in any shape or form. Cyber threats and viruses are dominating the web, and it’s best not to take the risk. Therefore, we don’t endorse using these techniques. But if you’re willing to give them a try, do so at your own risk.

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