You'll reach more people through Stories than you will with your posts. In this article you'll learn use of Instagram stories for marketing. On Instagram, multiple stories at different times of the day can increase your reach! So, let’s check it!

Instagram Insights may be helpful but can be too limited for brands who want more. The robust analytics features of Social pull all your Instagram data into a single platform and provide what you want most: insights! Sked allows you to see detailed Story analytics like reach, impressions (complete rate), taps back/forwards, replies, exits, etc.

How do you create stories?

  1. Click on the + icon (next to a heart icon) in the Instagram app to get started.
  2. Choose Story from our menu.
  3. Click on Camera to create a photo or video. For a video, hold the white circle and click once. Flip the camera over to take a picture.
  4. You can also choose the image or video from your camera rolls that you want to include in your Story.
  5. Your Stories can also add stickers, hashtags, and other interactive features. 

The dimensions

Instagram story dimensions measure 1080px by 2080px. Your image/video should be 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. Stories have a ratio of 9:16.

When creating content, keep these dimensions in mind. Your content may be cut if it doesn't conform to these dimensions.


Stories videos can be as long as 15 seconds. You can upload videos longer than 15 seconds to Stories. It will be automatically split into multiple Stories. The company has reported testing videos exceeding 60 seconds, but this has yet to be officially implemented.


Stickers allow Instagram Stories users to create more engaging content for their Stories. After uploading your photo or video to stories, click on the square smiley symbol at the top to add stickers to your Stories. You can also add stickers to Instagram Reels.

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Sticker options include the following:

  • Lage
  • Mention
  • Add Yours
  • Hashtags
  • Captions
  • Question stickers
  • GIFs
  • Music
  • Links
  • Selfies
  • Emoji slider or polls
  • Quizzes
  • Donations
  • Countdowns
  • Time and weather


Hashtags are an important tactic to use for Instagram marketing success. They can also be used for Stories. You can tag Stories with a hashtag sticker to access a page showing all the videos and photos uploaded to that hashtag.


Stories will let you access Instagram analytics to help you analyze the performance of your content marketing efforts.

Instagram Intelligences allows users to dig into data and better understand the performance of their Stories (within 14 days).

Instagram Stories highlights

Highlights can be used to save Stories after their initial 24-hour period. Stories highlights are displayed underneath your Instagram bio.

To create an Instagram Stories highlight, tap the "New” circle at the bottom left. There you can select any stories from your archives, choose a cover to your highlight, and then give it a name. When you are done, your highlight will appear on your profile as a circle that can be selected from your archive. This will allow it to stand alone when someone taps on it. Highlights are saved to your profile until you delete them. You can have as much as you want. To edit or delete a highlight, simply tap and hold the highlight.

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Why Should You Use Instagram Stories to Market?

Instagram Stories continue to evolve, just like any new feature. Although the basic idea of Instagram Stories is the same (the app disappears after 24 hours), many new features have been added.

Stories are the most trusted content format for authenticity.

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This holds true for both individual profiles and Instagram business profiles. 47% of users said that Instagram Stories allows them to be more authentic with their family and friends.

Authenticity will answer your question if you're wondering why Stories matter in social media marketing. Stories let your brand be real and allow you to connect with your customers authentically, vulnerable way.

Stories are a great way to build genuine connections with your target audiences.

Reach more people

When you post a Story, your Instagram account will appear above your followers' feeds with a brightly colored ring. Your followers might get a notification when a new Story is published. It is much more difficult for your Stories to be missed than your Instagram posts.

You'll reach more people through Stories than you will with your posts. Additionally, you can post multiple Stories simultaneously or at different times of the day on Instagram. This will increase your reach. A SocialInsiders study found that posting more than five stories per week results in a retention rate greater than 70%.

Don't forget to keep your Stories going for 24 hours. However, they can reach target demographics outside of your current followers.

Interacting with your audience

Instagram Stories are interactive and allow you to connect with your target audience more naturally. Some quick ideas:

  • Poll stickers can be used to conduct polls.
  • Invite your friends to send you personal messages in response to your questions.
  • Ask for feedback regarding a new product.
  • Ask your team members questions using the Questions sticker and via DMs.

It will boost your engagement rate on Instagram if you have more interaction with your followers on Instagram. It signals the Insta algorithm that your followers love you and want more of your content.


Increase traffic to your site

You know by now that Instagram doesn't allow you to share clickable URLs in your posts. However, you can still share links in your Stories. Links can be used whenever possible to drive traffic to your website.

If you're an online brand sharing images of your products, add a product sticker in your Stories. This will allow your followers to click through to the product and see it in person.

If you are running an influencer-marketing campaign and asking influencers to mention the brand within their Stories, you can ask them to link to your products for direct traffic directly.

Even if you don't sell products, you can still drive traffic to your website through blog posts, competitions, and lead magnets.

Run Instagram Stories ads

Instagram users are estimated to have reached 1.22 Billion. Instagram Stories are also useful for advertising campaigns. Instagram Stories ads look the same as regular Stories. They can be compelling in generating leads or driving sales traffic.

Instagram Stories are an important part of Instagram. They affect engagement, which is one of Instagram's most important metrics. Stories are interactive and fun. Brands can use them to create brand awareness and engage communities online.

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