Instagram is clothing and fashion brands' most popular social networking platform. If not, it's time to be aware of the potential of Instagram to help advertise your clothing business efficiently.

Most people on Instagram are usually attracted by fashion, lifestyle, stunning pictures, and enjoying themselves. If you can build loyal followers on Instagram and engage them properly, you will begin to see sales of your clothes or fashion accessories increase.

These are suggestions for Instagram Marketing for Clothing Brands:

Create Profile

This is the social media basics. You should ensure your profile is optimized on any social media channel, especially on Instagram. This means that you must consider long and thoughtfully you’re cover photos as well as the description of your company. Always include a link to your website or your online store for clothing in your bio. It is possible to ask your followers to "Tag us using #yourbrandname to see your pictures!" to create an additional level of engagement in your bio. Here's an illustration of how the Pendleton brand does it ideally via the Instagram account.

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Brand Story

Whatever you share you post on the Instagram account, you must ensure that it is connected to your brand's story and conveys this in some way or other. If you want people to associate with a hipster lifestyle, West Coast cool, and philosophy with your brand, then every post you publish must at least include that hipster aspect. Vans are one company that excels with Instagram, as you will see in their posts below.

Use Hashtags

To ensure your intended audience notices your brand's image, every post should not just have an entertaining and funny caption or title but also include a sufficient amount of related hashtags. In contrast to Twitter, you're not restricted by characters on Instagram, which means you can make your presence known by using the number of hashtags you like. One word of caution doesn't use too many hashtags.

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Create hashtags specific to your brand for your various items or collections. Every time you blog about the product or supply, use that hashtag and other hashtags. If someone purchases that item and then posts it on Instagram, they might be enticed by the hashtag specific to your brand or could encourage them to do it. Hashtags could be one of the most costly mistakes made by Instagram marketing.  

Brand Your Photos

If you are posting photos of your products or other images, Try to create an appearance and feel that is consistent across all of your Instagram updates. This could be achieved through the regular application of one or two filters. You could also create a unique look that doesn't rely on standard filters. Instead, incorporate transparencies and such.

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Post Product Videos

Video content can generate an enormous amount of engagement. Take short clips of your clothing items as a pair or on models, and upload the videos on Instagram. This will not just make your brand look authentic and establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Give away Contests

Giveaway contests are incredibly well-liked and are very popular on Instagram, and the ROI is high. With the affordable cost that you offer your products, you will receive great exposure for your brand. You can give away your product directly or offer coupons or gift cards that you can use on your website store.

Create a contest that is engaging and relevant to your company's brand and story. Maybe it's an online poll or mini-quiz. Don't create a complicated. One great idea is having your customers upload photos of themselves wearing your product, and the most popular one will be given an offer to buy more items from your website. It could be as easy as asking your followers to like your account and tag three friends in the comments, like the one done with Shop Joy Works below.

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Instagram Marketing for Clothing Brands

Behind the Scene Updates

One of the best ways to engage your followers and make your brand appear authentic is to publish "behind the scene" updates. This could include photos of your design process for apparel or pictures of the manufacturing process. They could also be pictures of your inventory and packaging process.

Celebrate Your Followers

Post updates that thank your followers and highlight your most popular followers every week. Find followers who frequently interact with your brand and make them known. Keep track of their Instagram accounts, like their posts, and leave comments when appropriate.

Leverage Trends

Be on the lookout for trends that are connected to your brand's story, and post updates that are funny and clever and are in line with the current trend. For instance, for the Ice Bucket Challenge trend, you can post an update that includes a picture of one of your clothes on top of a bucket of ice. The updates should be posted with the hashtag that is trending.

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Help Other Brands

Do something other brands don't assist other brands within your field gain exposure through Instagram by sharing content. This doesn't necessarily refer to your direct competitors but brands in your particular field. If you promote and mention others' brands, these brands will promote your brand, creating a network effect.

Instagram Marketing for Clothing Brands is a complicated subject, and these ten suggestions only scratch the surface. The goal of this article was to encourage you to begin promoting your brand's clothing on Instagram using highly effective strategies. Marketing using every social network is a long game that requires perseverance and persistence to achieve the results.

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