Did you capture an incredible snap? Great! Now, do want to upload snapchat videos to Instagram and share it with friends and family. But how do you do that? Let's get cracking!

Snapchat and Instagram don’t allow you to upload media directly. This is why the steps are very long. These steps aren't difficult if you follow them exactly as described.

Let's now get into the first one.

Share to Instagram:

Method 1: Export the Videos 

  • First, install Snapchat if you don’t have it installed. Then, move to the Applications and Find the Play Store.
  • Tap on the search button and enter "Snapchat."
  • You can install the application directly on your smartphone with just one tap.
  • Once installed, press the "Open” button beside the Snapchat logo.
  • Log in with your credentials. If you do not have an account, you may continue to use Google or register.
  • After you have created your account, snap pictures and save them by clicking on the bottom left corner.
  • Now that your snaps have been saved return to the camera section.
  • To access the Memories button, click on the left-hand shutter button.
  • Now choose any video to upload to Instagram.
  • The three vertical dots are located at the top right of the screen.
  • There are many options available at this stage. Click on "Export Snap."
  • A pop-up window will open with different sharing options. Scroll down to Find Instagram.
  • You'll find an Instagram story and Instagram feed here. Select the option that you would like to upload.
  • Snapchat will redirect you at this stage to the Instagram story or chat.
  • Now add text filters and animations in a snap.
  • Finally, press the upload button or your story. And you're done!
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Method 2: Download and upload 

  • Now that we have Snapchat installed let's jump to the next step.
  • First, open your Snapchat.
  • You can also view image icons. To see them, click on the "Memories." icon.
  • It can now hold any photo you want to upload to Instagram.
  • You'll locate an option to export or send snaps. Tap on it.
  • You'll find several options to share your photos on social media platforms.
  • Scroll right and choose the "Download” option.
  • After you have downloaded your photo, visit Instagram.
  • Now, click the story button to upload the video.
  • The option "Gallery," located in the top-left corner of the screen, will be visible. Click on it.
  • You can change the gallery using the Snapchat option since you will have your Snapchat video in your Snapchat folder.
  • Now, Select the video 
  • You can add stickers and text to your story.
  • Finally, click on your story and upload the photo!

How to upload Snapchat videos to Instagram stories on iPhone

While a bit longer than direct sharing, the process is super simple. You have to save the video or photo and upload it.

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Save Snaps to iPhone Camera Roll

  1. Open Snapchat on your iPhone and tap the Memories button next to the Shutter button.
  2. Select the video or photo you want to share on Instagram.
  3. Here, tap the three-dotted icon and select Export Snap.
  4. Tap Save Video/Photo to save the media file on your iPhone Camera Roll.

Next, upload Snapchat videos to Instagram stories

  1. Launch Instagram and tap the + icon.
  2. Here, select Story and tap the Local Media icon.
  3. Tap the downloaded video from the library.
  4. Now, add filters, text, stickers, GIF, or text as per your preferences.
  5. Tap Send to share the story.

Snapchat and Instagram compete against each other. Now you can upload your snap videos to Instagram Stories, feed, or chat to them. These steps will help you export your photos to Instagram.

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