If you are wondering about how to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram, it’s probably because you are facing an Instagram video length issue. For reels, Instagram only allows 30 seconds video, for stories it is 15 seconds and for igtv 30 to 60 minutes. The live you go on Instagram can be recorded for 60 minutes. Fortunately, Instagram does not ask for any kind of video requirement. 

The officials and developers of Instagram are hoping that someday there won’t be any limit on Instagram video length. This might happen in the coming future. The Instagram algorithm works more for those who have more followers on their account.

Get to Know How to Upload A 2-Minute Video On Instagram

Since October 2021, you cannot upload a video on Instagram for more than 60 seconds. People show that they are ready for this change, but Instagram developers are still having some doubts. If you want to upload a video of more than 60 seconds, you have to do it the old way. If the video that you are uploading is under 60 seconds, there shouldn’t be any problem. You have to use Instagram’s features that are overlooked. With those, you might be able to achieve this. 

How to Upload A 2 Minute Video On Instagram?
How to Upload A 2-Minute Video On Instagram? 4

Instagram has introduced a new feature called a carousel. This feature allows Instagram users to upload 10 photos and videos all together on their feed. This helps to make their feed nicer. It’s like a miracle that is not easy to achieve. But Instagram has done this. Some of our photos and videos only look good when they are grouped. 

How to Upload A 2-Minute Video On Instagram?

Now let us see how to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram. As I wrote earlier, you can post 10 photos together on your feed. You can upload a group of videos with a length of more than 10 minutes to make it possible. 

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  • Open your Instagram and log in with your details.
  • On your feed, you’ll find a plus sign on which you can tap and upload photos and videos. 
  • On the right corner, you’ll find a blue square. By tapping on it, you can upload up to 10 photos and videos together. 
  • Now select the photos and videos that you want to upload and don’t forget to select them in proper order. 
  • You can use Instagram editing tools to make your post more beautiful.
  • Then adding a caption to your post, you can add a location and can even tag people. 
  • Then click on the share button and complete the whole process. It’s done. 

After doing this, people will see your post on their feed and can swipe to see more. This way your videos won’t lose their context. If the videos you want to upload are of 15 seconds, you can even upload them on your Instagram stories. 

How to Upload A 2 Minute Video On Instagram?
How to Upload A 2-Minute Video On Instagram? 5

Some FAQs on how to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram

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Q) What is the longest video length you can upload?

Ans) The longest video that you can upload on Instagram is life.

Q) What is the size that is best for an Instagram video?

Ans) 1080p by 1920p. This size is best for Instagram videos. 

Q) How to properly size an Instagram video?

Ans) By clicking on the resize icon present on the right corner, you can hold and drag the edges of the video to resize it the way you want.

Q) Is it possible to play copyrighted music when you are live on Instagram?

Ans) If you own the rights of the music, you can surely play the music. If you don’t own the rights, you can't play it on your Instagram live. 

In this article, I briefed you about how to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram.