If you think that you are following hundreds of people for no reason and want to clear all your following list at once, you should read this article that will tell you how to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once? But keep this in mind that only around 50 followers can be unfollowed at a time.


This feature is given by Instagram itself. All the steps mentioned in this article are very simple and easy and can be understood by everyone. You only have to follow all the steps one by one. You will fulfill what you need. After doing a mass unfollow on your Instagram you will reach a clear state. Then again, you can send the following request to the few people you want to follow

how to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once?

Let us now know the answer to the main question about the ways to unfollow everyone at once. This process of unfollowing people on Instagram can take some time, due to the algorithm that Instagram uses. If you want to dodge this feature and want to try something with the help of a third party app, your work will be done in much less time but keep this in mind that there are chances that the account may get blocked action. So, let us look at the appropriate method to do the task. First of all, there is a feature called least interacted with.

You can use this feature to unfollow all the peoples at once without using the action of blocked. This feature is given by Instagram itself. It is advised that you should not use any third-party app to unfollow users from my following list. If you still do so, there are chances that your actions will end up getting blocked. This way the Instagram app can even block you to unfollow more people. The reason behind this is that the third-party app will help you follow people at a faster rate than Instagram. Instagram also has the option of disabling your following list. 

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The least interacted with the feature will help you in disabling and unfollowing people with whom you have not interacted in the last 90 days. This means that if you have not viewed any story of someone or liked and commented on their post for about 90 days, there are high chances that they will appear on the list. At a time the list will display up to 50 users. That means you can follow only 50 users at a time. 

If you want to access the list, follow the following steps:

Navigate to your profile. There you will see an option of following. Click on that option.

If your Instagram is updated, you will find an option least interacted with. It will appear at the top of the sections under categories. You have to click on that feature. Then there will be a list displayed of your followers that you can unfollow.

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Like this, you can follow at least 50 users at a time. This way you will never get penalized or blocked by Instagram. 

how to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once


I hope after reading this article on how to unfollow everyone on Instagram at onceyou will not use any third-party app. The reason behind the same has been mentioned in the article itself. You will get penalized or end up getting blocked by Instagram itself. Dare for Instagram has given an option to unfollow at least 50 people at a time without getting blocked. If you are facing problems in navigating to the least interacted list of people, there are chances that your Instagram is not updated. First, go to the Play Store and update your Instagram and then try the aforementioned steps one by one. 

I hope this article was helpful and that after reading this article you will refrain yourself from using any third party app. Thank you for reading the article.

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