How To Turn Off Instagram Read Recipients? Read here.

Instagram is one of the massive growing social platforms in the world of the Internet owned by Facebook. Instagram boasts more than 1 billion active users on its platform. Periodically, Instagram has brought many unique features to its platform, which amuses its users. Generally, people use Instagram for photo sharing and messaging. Most of the users have a question that “How to turn off Instagram read recipients?”

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How to turn off Instagram read recipients
How To Turn Off Instagram Read Recipients? 8

Since 2010, Instagram was available as a social media platform. Initially, people could share their photos over Instagram. The private messaging feature was available after the direct launch of Instagram in 2013. After that, there were many advancements in the messaging feature to improve the user experience.


In this article, we will be discussing “ How to turn off Instagram read recipients?”, so that your friends or followers will not know that their message has been seen.

So Let’s Start!

How Instagram Messaging Features Work?

You can communicate with your friends and followers over Instagram privately and publicly. To communicate personally, you can use the Instagram messaging feature. This feature ensures that the message can be seen only by the recipients. In recent updates, you can make a video call or a voice call and text with the recipient.

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But most people use messaging features, as there are better alternatives for video and voice calling features in the market. You can send video, audio, and text message to the recipient. Also, you can send a standard text to different people at the same time. 

How To Turn Off Read recipients?

Officially, Instagram has never launched any feature to turn off the read recipients within the app. But you can read messages privately, by turning on Airplane mode. But before this, make sure that you do not have to click on the Instagram message notification.

How to turn off Instagram read recipients
How To Turn Off Instagram Read Recipients? 9

Whenever you click on the message notification panel, the message automatically gets marked as seen. And the sender will know that you have seen their message. Also, there is no way to undo this process. Therefore, avoid or turn off the message notification from Instagram.

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To turn off the notification, go to settings, click on Application, search for Instagram, click on the notification option and turn off the notification. By doing these, none of your messages will be automatically marked as seen.

How to read messages privately?

To read Instagram messages without being marked as seen, you can switch to airplane mode. After changing, open the Instagram app. Also, make sure that your phone is not connected to any Wi-Fi network.

After switching to Airplane mode, you can read messages without being marked.

Unlike other applications, there is no direct option to turn off the read recipients on Instagram. Other apps like Twitter support this feature for a long time. It is expected that this feature will be introduced to Instagram soon to offer them more privacy & security.

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By these methods, users will not be able to know that their messages are seen or not. You can enjoy surfing your Instagram feed, and the sender will not be notified about anything. Even if the sender sends you more text messages, you can follow these steps without making them know that you have seen their message. Apart from these, there are no alternative methods to turn off the Instagram read recipients.

Most influencers and marketers are using Instagram to promote their services and increase their visibility in the Internet world. You can also increase your Instagram profile reach by posting quality content and growing followers. Increasing impressions will raise your profile reach and rank in explore and hashtag section. You can skyrocket your Instagram account reach by having organic likes, comments, and authentic and genuine followers.

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