Instagram is a social platform used by the public to post their formal looks and surrounding to enhance the feed. Here's how to translate comments on Instagram!

Instagram was started in San Francisco. And evolved to the world, it is the biggest photo-sharing app with different features. It is now also used as an income source by different brands and small businesses. People from different domains like sports, actors, or even common users can use it free of cost.

It allows people to update stories and posts of different events. We can also use Instagram to search for different famous personalities and their activities whom we love. It provides the option of reels as well. So let's dive into the topic,

If your post becomes so viral worldwide and your followers comment in different languages you can’t understand, this causes much curiosity; that’s why Instagram introduces a brand new feature to translate comments into the language you want.

When you’re an active Instagram user, you have to be familiar with all the trends and talks going on around the globe, and when you only know English and not other languages, you don’t have to worry. Instagram is all set to translate the comments or bio written in other languages in your language.

So let’s look at how this feature works and how you benefit from it?!!!

It is difficult for the user to understand the caption written in foreign languages; they copy the text and translate it using google Translate which is time-consuming and irritates the user. So,

This feature was introduced in 2016, which allows people to translate the comments, captions, and bio written in a foreign language to their native language.

Instagram enhanced this feature, and in 2021, translation was also available for the stories or captions written on stories. This algorithm is fantastic and astonishing, not it is.

Instagram allows users to translate many languages like French, German, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, and Chinese. If you want followers across the globe, so they must understand what you’re talking about.

Even though a comparison between Google Translate and Instagram's translation API revealed that the two are not identical and that Instagram's capability for translating text had a higher mistake rate, it is still not known which API is being utilized. You are free to look at the paper here.

How to translate comments on Instagram?

Are you unable to understand the captions? Other than English, no worries, Instagram is all set to translate things for you. 

You don’t have to follow the long process like copying the comment you want to translate and past it in the google translator, selecting the language, and then translating it to understand things. This is so hectic so just follow the below steps which are just easy as squeezy,

Just follow the steps, and you’re ready to read and understand things independently.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Tap on your profile picture, which is present in the bottom right corner.
  • Now tap the three horizontal lines which are on the top right corner.
  • Tap on the settings.
  • Then tap on the account.
  • Tap language.
  • Here you’ll find many languages set the language you want to read the caption in it.
  • Now go back to the comment or caption you want to read.
  • And on the bottom, click translate.
  • The translation is available in the language you want.

This is an amazing feature; if you want to change the language, follow the above steps again. This feature is more effective as you can connect to many people you want, answer them, and understand their language.

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