In many cases, it becomes frustrating when you don’t know how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram. At times, some people just disappear from Instagram without informing. This leads to the unwanted confusion of whether the person has deleted the account, deactivated the account or blocked you. In any of such cases, you cannot contact the respective user.

how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram

We have good news for you. Few techniques will let you know if the person has deleted the account or not. You don’t have to encounter the question “how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram” again in your life. 

Difference Between Deleting And Deactivating

Deactivating an Instagram account means not being active for a short period. It is a temporary way of deleting your account. However, when you log in after deactivating the account, you can easily use it like before. Your account remains the same and requires no changes.

On the other hand, once you delete the account, you cannot have access to it again. You cannot recover your deleted account. After deleting the account if you want to join Instagram then you have to create another account that would be completely new.  

Apart from these, there is another reason why you are not able to find the profile of the person. The person might have blocked you and there is a way to verify that. Assuming you just signed out of your id and, looking profile URL of that individual you will see the individual’s profile that means the person has not deactivated the account and has blocked you.

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

Following are the steps to identify if the person has deleted the account or not. 

Search for the profile

Yes, we know that it is the first thing that came to your mind. But did you completely pay attention to the details? Maybe not! Check the profile of the suspected person again. Copy the profile URL from Instagram and paste it on the web. If you see a message ‘sorry, that page isn’t available, the person has either deactivated or deleted the account. However, if you have been blocked, you will not be able to see anything on the account of that person or you might also see a message ‘user not found.

See if he/she has changed the username

There are chances that the person might just have changed the username. In this case, you cannot find the person with an old username and might think that he/she has deleted the account. There is a way to verify that. Go to your following and check for the person. If you can find the person there, it means just the user name has changed.  

However, if you still can’t see the person in your following list, he/she probably have deleted the account.

Check without logging in

It is a very useful way to identify whether the person has deleted the account or not. First, make sure that you are not logged in to the device you are going to check for the missing profile. Once you are logged out copy the profile URL and open the web. Paste the URL and search for it. If you find the profile on the web that simply means the person has blocked you.

how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram

If you can’t see the profile even after logging out, the person has probably deleted the account. Moreover, if you see the message ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available, the person has deactivated the account. 

These were few ways to investigate the deleted account. If possible, take help from your friends to confirm whether the person has deleted the profile or not.

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