Instagram is an American social networking service that was nominated for several awards. Know How to Tag Someone on Instagram in this article. Not to beat around the bush, Instagram is an application that allows its users to post photos and videos with their followers by using a lot of filters and other editing options. These Instagram photos and videos could also be posted directly on Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts. 

How to Tag Someone on Instagram
How to Tag Someone on Instagram in 2021? 4

If you are a photogenic person who loves posting photos and videos constantly, there is something that you should know about. Instagram allows its users to tag each other in the photos and videos that they share over their feed or stories. You can tag people while sharing a photo or video and even in the caption or comment. To know more about how to tag someone on Instagram in greater detail, we suggest you pay attention in the section below. It contains the directions on how to tag people in your posts. 

How do you tag someone in your post?

Instagram permits its users to tag other people in the photos and videos that they share on their accounts. There are two ways through which one could tag people. The first way is about tagging someone in your post before sharing the post and the other one is after you posted a photo or video. Both these methods will be explained step by step in the section below. 

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But before proceeding, one thing to always keep in mind is that you cannot tag someone in photos or videos of other people. You could only tag when you are posting through your account. So, when you have posted a photo or video through your account, only in that case you will be able to tag people, otherwise the option of tagging is not available.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram
How to Tag Someone on Instagram in 2021? 5

Tagging someone before posting

If you are posting a photo or a video and want to tag someone in it before sharing the post, keep reading the section below. It contains stepwise instructions on how to tag people on your post before posting it. How to Tag Someone on Instagram?

  • The first step as you could assume is to open your Instagram account from your mobile device.
  • Once you have opened up your account, the next step is to select a video or a photo that you would like to post from your gallery.
  • As you have decided which photo or video you wish to post, tap on the same.
  • You would then be directed to a page where you can make changes by adding different filters and effects.
  • You could also edit the photo by using editing options that Instagram proffers.
  • Once this is all done, tap on next. On this new page, you would be able to tag people.
  • You would see an option of tag people, tap on the same and then select the person you desire to tag in the photo or the video.
  • After this, enter on the tick icon and share the post.
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Your Instagram account

The post will now be shared on your Instagram account. This was all about tagging people on a photo or video before posting it on your account. It is when you remember tagging people before posting the post. But, what if you forget to tag people and later recall it. There is a process for that too. Keep yourself engaged and continue reading further. 

The next section will help you to provide the process where you can tag people in the post you have already shared. So, even if you forgot to mention someone in your post you will not be required to delete the post and re-share it after tagging. Rather, you could edit the post and tag people even when you have shared it.

Tagging someone after posting

Next is the process of tagging someone when you already shared a post. The process of tagging people on a post that you have already shared has been mentioned below in a nutshell. Keep your eyes peeled and continue reading further.

  • The first step is to open up the photo or the video that you have shared where you would like to tag someone.
  • Now that you have opened up the post tap on the 3 dots that you see towards the top right-hand side corner.
  • As you tap on the three dots, a lot of options would be displayed to you. 
  • Next, from the displayed options, tap on edit.
  • Then, tap on the photo of the person you would like to tag and then select the option of tag people. 
  • Enter the username of the person on Instagram and then select from the dropdown menu. 
  • The next and the last step forward is to tap on the option 'Done' in the case of iPhone users and tap on the 'Tick icon' in the case of Android phone users. 
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Tag Someone on Instagram

One thing to be remembered is that you would not be able to tag people who have changed their privacy settings. Instagram permits the user to disallow others to tag them in the post without their permission. But, that too will be shown to you when you post. This was all about tagging people in a post that you have already shared on your Instagram account.

Instagram, in a nutshell is one of the best applications that provide an amazing experience to all its users. It allows connecting with people all around the world and empowers the community. It is completely a visual platform. People can share photos and videos with their followers and would also be able to tag one another to feel more connected. Instagram is a user-friendly platform that is centred on photos and videos. If you are a businessman, we recommend you to have a business account on Instagram as that will bring in more features for you so as to keep track of every activity on your account.