Instagram is one of the best platforms that help to boost your engagement by providing various exciting features. Instagram allows its users to post a story to provide status updates daily to keep the audience engaged. If you are an Instagram influencer who keeps posting pictures every day then you would want to get more likes and comments on your photo. 

We are here to provide a solution for the same. Adding your Instagram post to your story will help you gain more likes and comments on your post. There are certain ways through which you could ensure the same. The process of sharing the Instagram post to your story, however, has been mentioned in the post below.

If you want to know no more about how to share Instagram post to story then continue reading further and keep your eyes peeled. The more attentive you remain throughout, the best solution you are to get to become the most popular influencer on Instagram. 

how to share Instagram post to story

How to share Instagram posts to story?

The process of sharing an Instagram post to your story will be mentioned in the section below. If you are interested to increase more likes on your Instagram post then sharing your Instagram post on your story is a great way to ensure that. This will bring more engagement to your post. Continue reading the post to know the complete process in detail. 

The first and foremost step as you know is to open your Instagram account and find the post that you would like to share to create more engagement.

As you find the post, the next step is to tap the airplane icon that you see underneath the feed post which is also called the share button.

After clicking on the share button you would get a lot of options to share with including your friends and other followers. 

To share the post on the Instagram story, it is suggested to tap the very first option you see on the top of your screen after tapping on the airplane icon.

You would see the ‘Add post to your story’ option, tapping on which you would be directed towards the Instagram story editing page.

You can now edit the story as per your requirements or preferences. You can choose to put any filter among many. A lot of other editing options are also available.

You can rotate, move, or scale the photo and could use different stickers. Apart from this, you would also be able to tag different people and share the location.

After all the editing has been made, you can post the story.

When you share a post from the Instagram feed on the story, it becomes a clickable post, tapping on which the users would be taken to the original post where they can like or comment on the post.

Instagram Post

This was all about the process of sharing an Instagram post from your feed to your IG story. Make sure that you use a cool piece of the sticker as well to make your story more interesting. Try to hide the main content of the story with a sticker so that the users tap on the story to check the original post where they would like or comment on the post.

Now, let us proceed to the next section as you have understood the complete process of sharing your Instagram post to your story. The next section will introduce you to some hacks that can help you get more engagement on your post.

Hacks to make your story interesting

how to share Instagram post to story

There are certain hacks that we would like to introduce you to help you get more comments and likes on your post. Continue reading further to know all of these hacks and try implementing them to become popular on Instagram.

  • Background color: The most simple and the easiest tip that we would like to provide you is to make the background color uniform. You could simply use the brush tool to change the color. But always keep in mind to use the same background color and make it a signature color for your Instagram account.
  • Design overlay: The next step that we will present you with is to use a design overlay to make your post more interesting and attractive. It is best suggested to use any editing app to create a design for your post which you could use while posting your Instagram story to make it more attractive.
  • Overlay stickers: You could also use a lot of stickers that Instagram provides to the users on the Instagram editing page. There are a varied variety of stickers like emoticons and others which you could use to make your story more interesting and luring.

Apart from this, you could also use a lot of other options such as adding texts, GIFs, Instagram stickers, as well as brush strokes to make your post much more interesting. Try following all these points that have been mentioned above if you desire to gain a lot of likes and comments on your post. People would go to your feed only when they find your story interesting.

Instagram is a cool way to get engaged with your audience. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is not entirely an entertainment platform. It is also used for businesses by various strategists and businessmen. If you are a businessman, we would suggest you have a business account on Instagram. Instagram lets its user make two different kinds of Instagram accounts. The people who desire to use Instagram merely for entertainment can shift to a private account, whereas, for the businessman, they can shift to the business account where they will get a lot of exciting features which will help them to engage with more and more people.