Surprisingly, sharing an Instagram profile is not that difficult. In this article, you will come across the different ways of how to share an Instagram profile. If you want to inform someone about something, you should know the right ways of doing that. Without knowing how to share an Instagram profile, you cannot inform your friends.

If you are not sure how to share an Instagram profile, this article is going to be very helpful for you. You must know this kind of stuff as it may make you feel that you are lagging from today’s technology. Sharing an Instagram profile can be done in many ways. Whether you want to share it on Instagram or other social media platforms, the steps are quite easy.  

We hope that after reading this you will be confident enough to tell your other friends the steps to share an Instagram profile. Let’s get started!

From Instagram to Instagram 

If you want to share any profile on Instagram, there are two ways of doing that. Both the ways are similar to each other.

The first thing you need to do is open the profile that you want to share. When to open the profile, you can see three dots placed on the extreme right top of the page. You need to click on the dots and then you will get many options like blocking, restricting, reporting etc.

how to share an Instagram profile

Along with the above options, you will also see two alternatives which are mentioned below:

Copy Profile URL: This option let you copy the profile of the person which can be shared with anyone. Select this option to copy the URL. After copying, go to the person’s DM with whom you want to share the profile. Open the chatbox and paste the link over there. Now the person can see open the profile by just clicking on it.

Share this Profile: It is another option that you find over there. This option is used frequently by many people as it provides easy access to the profile. You just need to click on this option and then you will ask whom to share. Select the person with whom you want to share the profile. After selecting, the profile will be sent to the person and your work will be done.

From Instagram to Whatsapp

There are times when you have to share your Instagram profile on WhatsApp. If you have been experiencing difficulty in doing that, you have come up to the right place.

We will talk about two types of sharing. First sharing your Instagram profile and second sharing someone else’s profile.

If you want to share your Instagram profile, you need to do it from a web browser as this feature is not available on the mobile application. Open google chrome and login to your id. After that, copy the URL of your profile. Then, you have to open WhatsApp and paste the link to whoever you want to share.

Further, if you want to share another person’s profile, you have to open his/her profile on your Instagram. As mentioned before you need to select the option ‘Copy Profile URL’. Then, come back to WhatsApp and paste the link to the person you have to share with.

From Instagram to Other Social Media Platforms

You must have understood that the steps involved in sharing Instagram profiles are quite similar for every case.  

Other platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. You need to follow the same steps for all such platforms.

how to share an Instagram profile

You have to visit the profile you have to share and copy the profile URL. Once, you get the URL, the only thing left is to paste at the required place.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites. We hope that this article helped you answer your questions and learn about this outstanding social media platform. Sharing your Instagram profile is easy and convenient because of the social media interface.