Instagram is one of the most famous and impactful social media applications and platforms. It has millions and almost a billion daily users. This fact also makes it an ideal place for businesses to market their products and services. Many businesses even buy followers to get started with How to set up instagram shopping.

Although for businesses to market their products, they need to open an Instagram shopping account which most of them have a hard time setting up. Therefore this article will help them how to set up an instagram shopping account and guide them through every step. 

How to set up instagram shopping
How to set up Instagram shopping? 4

What is exactly Instagram shopping?

Before in early days of Instagram, the only way for businesses to make people purchase through Instagram was to link to their website or payment portal in the profile bio. 

But in recent updates, Instagram has offered a feature of Instagram shopping where people can directly purchase products or services via Instagram and don't need to navigate anywhere. 

Instagram shopping is a feature in which Instagram allows businesses to create catalogs, that are digital and sharable right on the application itself. 

One can think of the Instagram store as their digital store where people can digitally visit and purchase what one is selling. 

How to set up Instagram shopping account?

Since one knows what is Instagram shopping, the question of how to set up instagram shopping still remains. Many people have a hard time setting it up, and even they set it, they don't get approval from Instagram. Therefore it is advisable for people to follow the exact steps mentioned below.

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  • Convert or make a new business account:

If one wants to start with a business on Instagram, they need to first create or upgrade their account to a business account. 

Upgrading to a business account has a lot of advantages, such as shopping features, Instagram analytics, and many more. Therefore if one is truly serious about setting up a business, upgrading one's account to business class is a must.

To upgrade the account, simply navigate to the settings page and go into the account section. Scroll down, the option to upgrade will appear in blue.

  • Link to the Facebook page:

The step to start with Instagram shopping is linking the Facebook page to the business account. One should note that one cannot have Instagram shopping without having a Facebook page. 

Therefore one should compulsorily have a Facebook page linked to their Instagram in order to open Instagram shopping. 

To link the Facebook page to Instagram, one must go to the business account setting and click on the existing page and add the Facebook page link. 

How to set up instagram shopping
How to set up Instagram shopping? 5
  • Insert the product and catalog.

It is the main step where one has to upload their digital catalog on their Instagram business account. Here, one mainly has two options, where one can directly import the catalog from the Facebook page or create a new one. 

Whichever option suits one, they can tap on it. One can create a new catalog directly on the Instagram application without installing or navigating anywhere else. 

  • Submit the account:

After one has uploaded the catalog, one can finally submit the account for review. The Instagram staff reviews one's account, and depending on parameters: they will accept or reject it. 

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It can take up to 48 hours but might take even longer. 

To submit for review, one can go to the profile settings, click on How to set up Instagram shopping, and fill in all the details. Once one has filled them, click on submit it for review. 

  • Turn the Instagram shopping on:

Once the Instagram shopping has been accepted one has to turn their account on. To turn it on, go to the business setting and turn the option on. 

After one has turned it on, they can list all the catalogues and services on their front store. After the store is ready, customers can directly do payments through the Instagram payment gateway.

Final words.

If one follows all these steps properly, they won’t face any difficulties in setting their Instagram shopping and get their answer for how to set up instagram shopping. Even if one runs into any problems, they can contact support staff, and they will guide through it again.