Instagram has become one of the most loved virtual places across the globe. It has introduced a great way of interacting with your followers that includes your family and friends. But as this app’s usage is growing, more and more people are becoming concerned about privacy. And want to know how to see who stalking your Instagram.

how to see whos stalking your Instagram
How to See Whos Stalking Your Instagram? 3

Pictures and videos uploaded on this social media app make the application a great source of sharing your life online. But do you think someone has been watching them non-stop? Do you want to know all about who this person really is? Does he have an ulterior motive behind stalking your Instagram? Want to know who is showing more interest than normal?

This article will tell you all about how to see who stalking your Instagram. And also, if they’re watching and not engaging with the content you post on Instagram. You will get to know who has been lurking around for a long time now.

What’s the truth behind Instagram stalkers?

You might be one of those people who are thinking why knowing about your Instagram stalkers will make a difference. But we recommend you to put in some more brain and think twice. 

Once you are online on Instagram, expect yourself to be in public eyes. People are going to take interest in the content you post as well as your life. You are putting your privacy at cost when you choose to be on social media apps like Instagram. So, this means engaging with your Instagram account is a completely different thing than curiously stalking and checking out your Instagram account. 

An Instagram stalker is someone who approaches your Instagram profile without starting a conversation or engaging with your content. Therefore, it is alright if you want to know who has been excessively browsing your Instagram profile. And also, who has been looking through dozens of your posts. 

Does Instagram allow you to see who stalking your account?

“Who has been stalking my Instagram account?” makes an intriguing question indeed. It is okay if such questions consistently pop up in your mind. There are few methods to help you find out. So, do you really want to know all about them?

Unfortunately, there are only limited options when it comes to seeing who has been constantly viewing your profile. Instagram hasn’t provided much feedback on this feature even though it is always high in demand. The best way out is to check out who has viewed your profile through Instagram stories and reels. Just the way another social media app, Snapchat, also works. 

Instagram Stories: The best way on how to see whos stalking your Instagram

Instagram stories aren’t very different from Snapchat stories. They work exactly in the same manner. You create content to post, set it as “My Story”, the post stays visible for up to 24 hours, then it vanishes.

how to see whos stalking your Instagram
How to See Whos Stalking Your Instagram? 4

You will have to select the other person’s profile icon to see their social media story. Others will do the same to watch your story. Just like the Snapchat, Instagram will also show who all have viewed your story. 

To see who has viewed your Instagram story, you will have to swipe up. The screen will then show the username of every person who has viewed your story. While some sources still have to confirm this, some people believe that the viewers on top are the ones who have viewed the story maximum. Isn’t this quite an interesting theory?

However, we won’t confirm if the above-mentioned theory is true or not. But there is a lot of evidence available for this particular theory online.

Catching a stalker on Instagram isn’t easy. But you can use Instagram stories to find out who has been watching you consistently. 

Instagram analytics also tells about some professional account owners and how many people viewed their profile but not who viewed it.

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