Want to see the joining date of your Instagram account? Here our guide will help you to do so!

There are always some reasons when we want to know about the joining date of an Instagram account. The reasons can be related to business ones, advertising and management. You can deduct the creation of an account and can look into someone’s posts by checking the dates. There are also some other informed ways of checking the Instagram account creation date:

Through phone

  • Open the Instagram app on the phone and tap on the profile.
  • Tap on the settings option and then the option of security.
  • Look for the access data at the top under the data and history option.
  • Under the information of the account, you can see the joining date of Instagram. This will provide you with information about the month, day, year and even the time when the account was created and when you signed up for the app.
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Through desktop

  • Open Instagram on the desktop and tap on the settings option.
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  • Tap on the privacy and security option and on View the account data option.
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  • Under the account information option, there will be the joining date which will provide the month, day, year and time of the account creation and when the person signed up for the account. 
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Some other ways of looking for the Instagram joining date

  1. Checking the Account creation date in the settings
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If you want to use this method, you need to have an account on Instagram. If the account is having a public profile, anyone can have an access to it but if it holds private settings, then you need to follow that account.

After doing so, you can check the date of creation of your account or the one whom you want to check the date:

  • Open Instagram through a mobile device or internet web page and log in to the account.
  • Tap on the profile picture for access to the account.
  • Go to the top right corner having three horizontal lines icons that will generate a menu list.
  • At the bottom of the screen, there you will see the settings options.
  • Go for the security section and find the history and data section.
  • Go to the access data section and find the account info under the access data. 
  • Look for the date joined information under the account info where Instagram reveals the details of account creation and the day when it was created.
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Checking the date of Facebook account creation

You can also check the creation date of the Instagram account by checking the Facebook creation date. Both social media platforms are owned by the same company where people often link their accounts and create them together. You can check the Instagram creation date if it was created with the Facebook account until or unless the Instagram account was created separately. You can check the date of Facebook account creation this way:

  • Open Facebook through an online website and go to log in.
  • Open your profile and click on the down-arrow icon at the top-right site and select Settings and privacy.
  • Select the settings option in the menu and the main settings page will appear. Click on the option of ‘Your Facebook Information' and then the ‘View’ button which is next to ‘access your information’.
  • Under the ‘Your information’ section on the left select the ‘Personal information’ option and look towards the ‘Your account creation date’ section on the right pane. This section displays the exact date of creation of the Facebook account that might help you to figure out the day of Instagram account creation too.
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Checking through friends 

One last option for figuring out the date of Instagram account creation is to simply ask friends. You can look for the people in their friend list which lies next to the profile picture. Some people keep the list inaccessible to the public. You can inquire about people through direct messaging once you find someone to ask. You can ask them when a friend joined Instagram. 

So we have learned now how to see the joining date of an Instagram account. If you want to check the unsent message you can read the article on how to find out who unsent a message on Instagram and can also read how to add address to Instagram bio. 

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