Let’s be honest! It’s very easy to lose yourself on Instagram. That’s especially true when you’re scrolling through your Explore. Many a time, you may even forget what and at which posts you’re spamming likes on. And you can bet that when you try to search for that post, most likely, it’ll be all for naught. Thus, to help you out, we prepared these methods on how to see what you liked on Instagram. 

How To See What You Liked On Instagram
How To See What You Liked On Instagram Through Simple Steps 4

How To See What You Liked On Instagram

Once you scroll past a post that you stamped your heart on, consider it gone. That is unless you sent it to a friend or to another one of your accounts. You may even try to save the link to that post and make a note of it somewhere. But many don’t know that Instagram has a feature especially dedicated to storing your “Liked” pictures. So take heart and rest assured because those posts don’t get necessarily lost in the sea of Instagram posts. 

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To call it a hidden area will not be too far from the truth. Thus, the following are the methods on how to see what you liked on Instagram. 

Step 1: Unlock your phone and run the Instagram app. 

Step 2: Once you’re on your main feed. Head to the bottom right corner of your screen, tap on the icon with your display picture. That’s your Profile.

Step 3: Move across your phone screen towards the top right and tap once on the three lines stacked together. 

A list of options will pop up. Tap on “Settings.” 

Step 4: Head down and tap on “Account.”

Step 5: Tap on “Posts you’ve liked.”

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Steps to know what you liked on Instagram
How To See What You Liked On Instagram Through Simple Steps 5

That’s it! Once you tap on that, all that ever you ever stamped a heart on will pop up in front of you. Also, if you want more likes on your posts, you can even purchase them on our website.

The Benefit of the Feature

To be able to gain access to all the Liked pictures opens up a lot of other avenues. You can revisit old memories and believe us; you might rediscover something really important.

  • From the medium of the posts you liked in the past, you can extend your networking. You can do so by following users that you forgot to.
  • Now that you have a second chance, you can read up on that caption you saved for later. And while you’re at it, you can even choose to leave a comment.
  • You can read up on your old comments and other users’ replies to your comments or to a discussion.
  • Due to lack of time or a busy schedule in the past, you might have missed out on vital info. Now you can access that information and study it with ease. 
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Stamping likes on Instagram doesn’t have to stop at being only a gesture. That’s how the majority of users limit the functions of the Like feature. But let us tell you that it extends way beyond that. Apart from being a gesture to show that you appreciate a post, it can function as a bookmark. Thus, by way of likes, you are able to revisit and review those posts that you think are interesting enough.

Things To Lookout For

Even though you have the freedom to access old posts again, the power isn’t unlimited. We say that because there’s a limit to the extent you can revisit these posts. In short and simple terms, the limit exists in the form of 300 posts that you most recently liked. Thus, if you’re someone who spams a hundred likes a day, it limits you to three days, basically. Instagram will not store Liked posts beyond the 300-limit placed by the platform.

Besides, you can access the feature to revisit your old Liked posts only through the app. It holds true even if you stamped Like on a post using a web browser. It’ll not show on the browser. Also, there’s no surety whether posts liked through third-party apps will show up either. But since Instagram doesn’t even show through its interface on a browser, chances are less.