Are you pretty eager to check someone else’s Instagram post likes? Do you want to know which all posts they liked in the past? Will Instagram notify you when this someone posts an update? Such questions come up in our minds every single day.

So, let’s begin with the first question, first! “How to see what someone likes on Instagram?”

How to see what someone else likes on Instagram?

From 2021 onwards, you can’t view the post likes of someone else on Instagram. Previously, you could do it from the Instagram app itself. But nowadays, it is no longer possible to check someone else’s likes through the app. 

It was pretty simple to check someone’s Instagram activity back then. Heading to Instagram likes and selecting the Instagram following tab was where it all began. Such simple steps would help you to see all the activities of this someone else on Instagram. But Instagram concluded that it was putting people’s personal information at risk. It was violating their privacy. So, Instagram ended up ditching the whole feature at once. 

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But there are still some ways on how to see what someone likes on Instagram. Well, it is surely some hassle but not much!

If you want to know what the other person