How to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram? Instagram is one such platform that can make someone famous or build influencers. Therefore people love registering with it and become popular.


But to get started, many people buy followers and later acquire real followers. Many people even buy likes and comments to get started with their influencer’s journey.

The reason for Instagram’s popularity is simply because humans can’t live without talking to others. Humans being are social bees and love spending time with each other, even if it is through the internet.

And the Instagram model is based on this social networking and is quite an engaging platform. Although people love posting and commenting, many users love to see what their friends and family do on the application.

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In fact, many people wish to see what their mates do but don’t know how to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram. This article will not only help them on the topic of how to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram but also guide them through every process.

The activity tab on Instagram.

Before, it was easy on Instagram to see the activities of a person through the activity tab. But in the recent updates, Instagram has removed the tab for many reasons, the main being security concerns.

Although that was one’s easiest option on how to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram, there are other algorithms and options one can use to see the activity of a person.

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Seeing someone’s uploads.

If one wants to check uploads and stories of a person, that is in one’s following list: one can simply go to the search bar in the search menu and type their username or full name in the input box and tap on the person’s name.

After tapping, one can see all the posts and stories they have created on their news feed. The posts: are aligned in such a way that the recent ones have been pushed above, and the more one scrolls down, the older the posts get.

One can see the stories of that specific person by clicking the round border on the person’s profile pictures. One can view all the stories for 24 hours.

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how to see a specific person's activity on Instagram
How to see a specific person's activity on Instagram? 18

Track the online status.

If one wants to track someone’s online status or recent online time, it is quite easy. Although for this trick to work, one has to start or have an existing conversation with that person.

To get started, one can go into the chatbox and open the conversation. After opening it, one can navigate to the heading and press on their name. There, one can see all the online activity of that particular person if they are online or not or when they were last online.

Although Instagram has a feature of turning off the online activity, therefore, if a person’s online status is turned off, one should leave that person be and respect their privacy.

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Seeing the follows and followers.

There is one trick to check the recent followers or the people one followed. But this trick doesn’t work on the Instagram application, as one checks the Instagram followers on an application, the followers aren’t in timely order but random order.

To check one’s followers in timely order, one can log into their Instagram account through their PC or laptop. Go to the web application and check the follower listed. One will see the followers ordered by recent to old in the web application.

Tips on hiding one’s own activity status.

If one is a private person and hates to show other people their activity status, there are a few things one can do to prevent people from seeing the recent activity.

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One of the things is hiding the online status as mentioned above, simply go in the privacy setting and hide the online status from there.

Another thing one can do is turning their activity status setting off. If this setting is turned off, no one will be able to see any posts or other things against the owner’s permission.

how to see a specific person's activity on Instagram
How to see a specific person's activity on Instagram? 19