Are you ever tempted to go back in time and relive a photo you took on Instagram? Are you a fan of scrolling to the first text message you exchanged with someone special on this app? Strangely, this is not a common practice.

 There are many people who do that, especially those who saved their chats with Instagram users.

How to find the first message in your Instagram posts

Here's a guide that will help you reach the first message your target person receives from you on Instagram. We'll share some interesting tips that will help you quickly find the first message in your Instagram posts. This post will show you the first text in no time. You should continue reading to the end.

Instagram has been a highly-popular social networking site. There are billions of active accounts. It allows users to follow one another, upload photos and stories, communicate with one another, create memories, and connect with them. They tag others, mention their friends and connect with people they love. If you've been using Instagram long enough, you might have already spoken to a lot of people.

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It is possible to receive message requests from other users. It works like this. You send an Instagram message, they respond to it, and the conversation continues. It goes on. The next thing you will know, you have shared hundreds upon hundreds of messages. What made you want to see the first message? Let's examine a few of the reasons.

Instagram allows users to read the first message of an Instagram account without scrolling

Instagram does have an inbuilt feature that allows people to scroll to the first text with no manual scrolling. If you choose to scroll the manual route, you will have to keep scrolling down until you reach the first text. If you have many text messages to each other, this can cause problems. Use the web browser to quickly scroll. A larger screen makes it easier to scroll up to the top. It's easier to scroll on your computer than it is on your smartphone, so it might take you less time to load the first message. Even if you've shared hundreds of messages, it isn't an option.

The manual scrolling technique is only applicable to those who have had several conversations with someone new or an old friend on Instagram. Let's suppose you made a friend via this social media site and shared some memes. You can scroll to the initial message to see all of your messages and to read your conversation. But that is only for close friends. Scrolling down until the first message gives you access, but that's the only way you can see it.

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There's no way you can spend hours scrolling through Instagram. This is where quick tips come in. Let's see how you can get to the top without scrolling manually.

How can you read the first or old Instagram messages without scrolling

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Instagram allows users to download data directly from their browser. All it takes is a few mouse clicks. It's quite simple. Let's now take a closer look at how to download Instagram data from your system.

  1.  log in to your Instagram account using your username and password.
  2.  Open your profile.
  3.  Click next to your profile pic on the ring bar and select "Privacy, security."
  4.  Next, you'll be taken to a different page. Scroll down until the "Data Download" option is found. Click the "Request download" button.
  5.  Type your email address to access and then choose between HTML and JSON formats (whichever one you prefer) to store the data.
  6.  Click on "Next" to continue and enter your username.
  7.  If your password is saved on Google, then you can use it as-is. If you don't have your password saved on Google, you can enter it in the bar to request data download.

Instagram allows users to read the first message of an Instagram account without scrolling. Instagram does have an inbuilt feature that allows people to scroll to the first text with no manual scrolling. Instagram allows users to download data directly from their browser.

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