How To Repost Videos On Instagram? Read below.

Over the years a lot of social media platforms have come into the mainstream circuit. Some have gotten popular like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, etc. Others did not do that great, to be honest. It is common knowledge that Facebook is the leading social media network. And no one in recent times could dethrone or challenge it. But a new emerging social media site has been constantly providing a great platform. See how To Repost Videos On Instagram below.

And because of which the popularity of that particular social media app is growing. We are talking about none other than Instagram. This article contains the information about how to repost videos on Instagram. Instagram has revolutionized the whole social media scene. It is one of the few apps that does not have chatting as the main USP.

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how to repost the video on Instagram
How To Repost Videos On Instagram? 4

Direct messages are surely one of the important features of Instagram. But it stands for much more. A lot of different things you could do here. Like posting about what you are doing, what you are eating, where you are traveling. Through it, a connection gets established between people. Also if you feel like posting something but it is not good enough for your profile, you can post it in your Instagram stories. Isn’t it amazing? Videos, posts, pictures anything can be uploaded on Instagram story. Mainly this is the reason why people ask about how to repost videos on Instagram (and Insta stories)?

Repost Video on Instagram easily.

Why to repost something? How to repost videos on Instagram?

It is a new feature, to be honest. Just came in recent years. Older generations might not know how to do it and it is understandable. Indeed they can be a bit complex. People often ask about how to repost videos on Instagram (and Insta stories)? Reposting is anything but hard. Anyone can simply do it. The best part about these new features is that there are usually 3 to 4 different ways of doing them so to say.

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If someone does not understand a particular way, there would always be an alternative method of doing something. Reposting videos on Instagram is no different. You can find a lot of different ways to do it. Every single method is extremely easy. 

how to repost the video on Instagram
How To Repost Videos On Instagram? 5

People repost to share something which they saw and liked. And wanted others to see. Some people also repost a celebrity post. Or even their videos which someone else might have uploaded. To be fair the tutorial is very easy. Let us look at how to repost a video on Instagram. The first method is obviously to repost on the Instagram story. You can do so by clicking on the share button. You can see it on every single post. When you click on it a dialogue box would open. There you could see “Add post to your story.” Simply click on it. And that post or video, in particular, would be shared via your Instagram story.

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The only demerit of this method is that a story would remain for 24 hours. After that Instagram would remove that story. You can add that Instagram story to the highlight for a more permanent effect. Also for more permanent ways of doing it. you can download a third-party app. You would easily find an app that can repost a video for you on Instagram. Another method is screen-recording.

Simply turn on the screen recording on your phone while using Instagram or looking at that particular video that you wish to share. Look at the whole thing from beginning to end. Once it gets over close the screen recorder. And simply post it on your Instagram account.

If you want more people to look at your reposted video, you need to have a decent number of followers on your account. There are various ways through which you can get them.

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