Ooh! Your Instagram story highlights are so beautiful!

It acts as a directory that allows me to find specific content you have added. However, your Instagram story highlights don't look organized as they should. C:\Users\biyya\Downloads\How do I put a timer on Instagram camera (3).jpg

If you know how to change the order of your Instagram Story Highlights, it's not difficult.Continue reading to learn how to reorder Instagram stories highlights

Highlights Reordering Your Instagram Story

Instagram doesn't currently allow users to reorder story highlights. You can edit an existing highlight by adding a random story to it. The IG story highlight will now move to the start of the row. You should also remove any random stories you have added.

Wait, what? Did you say that you don't understand it?

Keep reading to learn more about how to reorder Instagram story highlights.

As everyone knows, Instagram story highlights are a way to organize the stories that you have shared on IG.

It's like a collection of stories that allows your followers to get a better idea of your account.

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These are the steps to follow if you want a juggle of which IG highlight you would like to be first on the list.

We are using Instagram's mobile app for the reordering.

Step 1: Log in to your account. Next, go to the bottom menu and tap on your profile picture. Your profile image can be found in the lower right corner of your mobile phone's screen. The profile page will then appear.

Step 2 After you have created your profile, click on the Instagram story highlight to show you want to be the first one.

Step 3 Once you tap on the story highlight, the video/photo that was added to the screen will play or flash.

Move to the lower left of the screen and tap the More button. It will appear as a 3 dot icon.

Step 4 : Click the Edit Highlight option in the pop-up window. The Edit Highlight option will then redirect you to the story highlight gallery. Long-press the highlight to bring up the pop-out window.

Step 5 - You'll now see two sections of the highlights gallery: Stories and Selected. Tap the Stories option if you wish to add a story.

You can then choose a random story to add to this particular highlight.If you see the blue checkmark in the lower right corner of the story's thumbnail, it will indicate that the story has been selected.Once you have selected a story, click the button at the top of the page to save it.

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You'll now see that the IG Story Highlight you previously selected has been moved to the top of the list.

Step 6 You can reorder story highlights by repeating Steps 2 through 6 until they are in the right order.

Step 7 - Now press the button to go back to the highlight that you have just reordered.

Scroll through the stories until you find the latest one.

Once you have landed on the last IG Story, click the 3-dot icon (which will be the More button) once more on the lower left of the screen. The pop-out window will then appear.

Step 8 Select the Remove From Highlight option in the pop-up window.

Next, click the Remove video button in the pop-up window. You can now remove the random highlight that you have added. These steps can be repeated until all story highlights appear in the order that you prefer.

What are you waiting for? Grab your smartphones and give this method a try.

How can you reorder your Instagram Story Highlights if you are accessing Instagram from a computer?

Only the mobile app allows you to order your Instagram story highlights. You cannot order your Instagram story highlights from a computer.

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Is it possible to reorder more than one Instagram story highlight?

You can reorder more than one story highlight by adding random stories. You will need to begin by adding random stories beginning with the highlight you want to appear first, and working your way up to the highlight you want to be the most prominent. After that, you can remove random highlights.

Can you reorder stories in highlights the way that you would like them?

You cannot alter the order of stories in a highlight, regardless of whether you are using the desktop app or mobile app to access Instagram. You will see the stories in chronological order. This means that the latest one uploaded is first.

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