How To Remove Shop Button On Instagram?Instagram launched the Shop tab just a few months ago. It was released for the very first time in May. Instagram lets the users Shop with the help of a new tab located in the menu bar of the application with just one click from top-rated brands and creators. The users will categorise the items according to the group to which they belong. It is presently available with the explore Shop options on Instagram. If you have no interest keeping the option and looking for how to remove shop button on Instagram, we are here to help you.

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how to remove shop button on Instagram

What is Instagram Shop all about?

The Instagram shop is a place that allows the users to shop their desired products without exiting the application. In the statements made by the company, it was revealed that the company has been planning for an all-new Instagram shop in May with an advanced user interface. These enhancements are just not getting tested presently.

For instance, if you have an account about kitchen dispensers, now, you can sell your products across Instagram which seems inspired by Pinterest shopping where people can browse the products and collections inside the site.

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This international test would now let the users undergo a similar experience like the store as they could do with the explore button. The main difference between these two options is the way of navigation in which the Shop symbol gets replaced by the heart symbol which represents activity.

It is a good thing that the operation part continues to be in the application. For the subjects of research, the operation tab can be entered at the top right side of your Instagram feed which can be seen near the business icon. You can also go ahead and tap on the heart symbol. 

In the present version of Instagram, the user is supposed to browse through different categories and brands of materials like Clothes, beauty, housing, jewelry, and other accessories. These options can be found in the primary navigation bar.

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Also, the users cannot particularly know what is in their Instagram cart to see the items that can be found in this version. Also, some of the companies have labelled the products for buying but also lets the users finish their sale on their websites. 

Has the Instagram Shop Button been updated? 

The most recently updated version of the shop button on Instagram can be accessed from the navigation bar but it is just a bit different from the older version. This version will allow the users to only view the products from those brands that they are following on Instagram. It is more like a person's assorted feed consisting of different products designed by different brands and creators. 

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how to remove shop button on Instagram

How can you get rid of the Instagram shop button?

There can be instances where you might get fed up with the Instagram shop popping up on the screen again and again. The only thing that comes to your mind in such situations is how to remove the shop button on Instagram. For doing the same, you can try the steps mentioned below: 

  • Click on the Gear button in the Instagram application in your profile or the company’s profile.
  • Click on the option to edit your profile.
  • Click on the Contact button.
  • Select and remove the ‘Book’ word mentioned on the profile of the company. 
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Just in case, you have followed all these steps but still cannot see any positive result then the only possible reason is that your Instagram app is not updated.

You just need to go to the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and check out if there are any pending updates for the Instagram application. If yes, just go ahead and finish up with downloading and installing the updates. 

So, you can use the steps mentioned above on how to remove the shop button on Instagram. The Instagram shop is very useful but sometimes you might find it to be more of a distraction while you are scrolling through your feed. Following these steps will indeed help you get rid of the Instagram shop button. It is a very easy process to get into so you don’t have to worry at all.

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