The features allow you to edit or remove the Instagram category labels. Instagram allows you to change or remove the category label on Instagram.

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It is important to note that the category label for personal accounts is not displayed on the profile page. This is only applicable to business accounts.

These steps will allow you to modify the category label of an Instagram profile. The labels that you have added to your Instagram profile must be known. You can then change the category label to suit your needs.

Change the category label on Instagram.

Step 1: You first need to go to your profile, and then tap the button 'edit Profile'.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Category option.

Step 3. Next, just Choose the new category. Tap on the tick and save.

Tap on the tick icon to edit your profile page. The category will be changed to a different one.

You're done!

Note: You have the option to change the labels. However, you will need to select the correct labels from the available labels. Choose a category label to use for your profile, or hide it if desired.

Remove category label on Instagram 

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There are two ways to get rid of the Instagram labels. You can either keep your business account open and disable the feature or go back to your personal account. No category labels will be displayed on the profile.

1. Reverting to a personal Account

You can disable the display of category labels on your profile by switching to a personal account. Instagram does not display category labels for professional accounts. If you switch back to your personal account, the category labels will be disabled.

To go back to your personal account,

Step 1. First, open your Instagram account and tap the 'Edit Profile option.

Second Step: Next from the settings, tap on the Account.

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see the Switch To Personal Account option. Click on this.

Step 4. Now, tap on the "Switch Back" option to confirm.

You will no longer see labels on the display once the account has been switched back to the private account.

Note: When you make your business account your personal account, some features will be removed that are only available to business accounts. You will also lose the authority and authority of a business account. If you are aware of these facts, you can choose to make that change.

2. Editing the Profile 

Another option is to delete the category labels on any Instagram profile. This will allow you to keep your business profile and access all other features.

To delete the Instagram category labels,

Step 1. To begin, log into your Instagram account and tap the Edit Profile button.

Step 2. Scroll down until you see the Profile Show Options.

Step 3. Now, swipe to disable the 'Display Category Label'.

You're done. After that, your category labels in the profile will no longer be visible.

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How can you delete Instagram's topic channels?

You might have wondered how you can delete Instagram's topic channels. If you don’t want other people to see what you post, you can enable this option. You can simply hold onto the channel you want to be deleted and choose "mute". It will disappear from your list. You can still unmute it. Here's how:

You can also hide specific topics from your feed. Instagram has just updated its feature "Topic Channels" which allows you to hide certain topics from your feed. It works in the same way as Instagram Stories but provides a different type and content. This guide makes it easy to hide these channels. After you have enabled topic channels, you'll see the new Explore page. This is the new way of finding relevant content. But how can you choose which topics are to be hidden?

Before you can delete a channel topic, make sure that you have an account in the appropriate category. You can edit the topic description or slug. This description will allow visitors to get to know what you are all about. You can hide the hashtags associated with your post if you don't wish people to see it. You can also mute or delete topic channels. These are just a couple of ways to modify your profile.

Notice: You can remove the category labels from your business account by turning off the feature.

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