Instagram proffers an end number of features to its users. It is one of the top-rated platforms for entertainment and to gain popularity. If you wish to know more about the functionality of the Instagram platform then you are probably at the very right place. The post below will talk about one of the features that Instagram provides to all its users the feature of posting GIFs on your Instagram account yours.

You can use GIFs while posting stories or you could post GIFs in your feed. The process of posting GIFs will be mentioned below. So, if you wish to know how to post GIFs on Instagram then read the post attentively. It contains a detailed guide on the process of posting GIFs on Instagram. There are two ways to do the same. The post will tell you about both the processes of posting GIFs on Instagram. 

How to Post GIFs on Instagram

How to post GIFs on your Instagram account?

Instagram allows its users to post GIFs as well. But the process of posting GIFs on Instagram is not similar to how you post GIFs on other applications. So, here’s a detailed description to help you with the same. Keep your eyes peeled and continue reading. There are two ways to post GIFs on Instagram. One is by visiting the GIPHY application on your mobile device and the second by visiting the website on your desktop. Both these ways will be discussed in the below section.

Through the GIFs application

The process of posting GIFs on the Instagram application is quite simple. As said earlier, there are two ways for posting GIFs. You could either post GIFs through the application on your mobile device or through the desktop. The first one is by GIF application. The process is quite simple. Follow the below-mentioned steps to post GIFs on Instagram. 

  • The first step to post GIFs on Instagram is to open the GIPHY mobile application. 
  • After this, tap on the arrow option that you see just down the GIF.
  • Once you are done with this, the next step is to tap on the button. This will direct you towards a page where you will be given a lot of options for various social media applications.
  • Select the Instagram icon that you see among various other options.
  • As you tap on the Instagram button, you would then be automatically directed towards the Instagram account yours.
  • You would then be given two options. The options are as follows:
  • Add GIF to your Instagram feed as a post.
  • Add GIF to the Instagram story can select any option as per your requirement and need.
  • In case, you have selected the first option that is to add GIF to your Instagram feed as a post, then you would be pushed towards a post that will have fifteen seconds of looped GIF.
  • Whereas, on the other hand, if you have selected the second option, that is add GIF to the Instagram story of yours, then you will be pushed towards the story editing page which will again have 15 seconds of looped GIF.

This was all about the process of adding or posting a GIF on the Instagram account through the GIPHY application. But, if you are keen to know the process of posting a GIF on your Instagram account through your desktop then keep your excitement high and continue reading the post with the same curiosity. The next section will tell you how to post a GIF through your desktop.

Through the desktop

As you’ve already understood the process of posting a GIF through your mobile device, let us now proceed to understand how to post GIF on Instagram through a desktop. Follow the post as it provides the detailed step-by-step direction about the process of posting a GIF on Instagram through desktop in the section below.

  • The first step as you could assume is to open up your browser then visit the website
  • Once you’re done with the first step, select the GIF that you wish to post over your Instagram account.
  • As you have selected the GIF, the next step would be to tap on the GIF that you wish to post.
  • Are you tap on the GIF, you would then be directed towards the GIF detailed page.
  • You will see the Instagram upload icon towards the right side corner of the GIFs page. 
  • Tap on the Instagram upload icon that you see on the page.
  • As you tap on it, you would then receive a notification that pops up on your screen in the form of an email.
  • You are then required to enter the email ID of yours and hit the send button.
  • After this, the GIPHY application would email you the GIF of the MP4 version.
  • You could then download this MP4 version of the GIF on your device and then could upload it anywhere you want to be specific on the Instagram profile. 

The important point to be remembered is that these GIFs could be resized by expanding or pinching the screen so that you could ensure that the GIF is visible properly in your Instagram stories or feed. This was all about posting GIFs on the Instagram account through your desktop. 

How to Post GIFs on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best applications that have gained wide popularity, especially among the youth. It is not just about entertainment but also is a great platform to expand the reach of your product or service.

It has become more than an entertainment platform. Many use Instagram to gain popularity as being Instagram influencers. If you too wish to become an Instagram influencer or gain popularity then you can follow the tips and tricks provided in the post above.