If you are organizing a giveaway on Instagram for the first time and do not know how it works, you must go through this article which will tell you how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner. 

How does the Instagram giveaway work?

People find Instagram giveaways to be the best kind of promotional action that they can do for their Instagram profiles. If you want to open a small business of arts and crafts or any such new project, doing a giveaway after few months of activeness on Instagram can be the best way to expand the business.

Then they just ask you to comment and follow the brand as a requirement.

Seems pretty simple, right? But it becomes very hectic for the organizers.

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To make this process a little easier and monitor and import all the comments, it's advisable that the organisations can take the help of some applications so that it becomes easy for them to monitor all the comments.

For these apps, you have to take a subscription and then you can simply write and publish your post on Instagram.

Then you have to select which article or post you want the app to keep a track of.

The participation period will finish, exclusions can be applied and then you can select the winners and the alternative winners.

how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner
Easy Guide to How to Pick an Instagram Giveaway Winner 4

How to Pick an Instagram Giveaway Winner?

There are many ways in which you can easily pick up your Instagram giveaway winner. Some of them are as follows:

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If you want to pick up an Instagram giveaway winner randomly, you can use a tool name mini web-tool, this tool will help you pick random names from your participants.

To use this tool, you have to go to the Instagram post on your computer. Then there you can expand your comment section. After this, you have to select all the comments that are under your post and copy them on the tool.

After this procedure, the tool will help you choose a winner and, you can even choose more than one winner if needed.

You can also use many other tools other than mini webtool.

There can be other things that you have to enter manually. Understand that all this depends on how you have asked people to enter the giveaway. 

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Another interesting tool that can be used, for picking up Instagram giveaway winners is easy promos. First, you have to import all the comments from the Instagram post.

After this, there are many filters available on the tool through which you can filter all the comments based on their followers and the mentions.

Like you can exclude the username that is not following your brand, this way it will be easier to select the winner.

After excluding the usernames, you can even list all the unknown authorised users, so that you can create a blacklist.

This filter is mainly used by those who do provide gifts in giveaways. After this, you can easily select the winners and, you can even select alternative energy if you want. 

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how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner
Easy Guide to How to Pick an Instagram Giveaway Winner 5


How to pick an Instagram giveaway winner can be somewhat tiring for the newcomers who are just experimenting and trying something.

There are many tools available that can help you choose the appropriate Instagram winners. By using these tools you will decrease your workload a lot.

You can even filter them according to your need and, you can use different ways by which you want people to enter the draw. 

Some of the instructions that need to be added in the tools have to done manually because people use different criteria to enter the contest.

Once you become a pro in this field then you will not face much difficulty in organizing such interactive and interesting events from time to time.

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We hope after reading this article you can get to know the ways of how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner.