How do I unread messages on Instagram? This question is often asked by users. So, let's find out!

This problem used to be solved in-app, but with the new Instagram updates, you can now access unread messages from a business account. It is complicated, even if your business account has been set up. The seen receipt will not be removed if you are unread an Instagram message.

What if you need to delete a receipt that you have seen from messages you've already read? The good news is that Instagram's future will allow you to unread DMs. You can mark your Instagram direct messages unread so you can go back and check them whenever you like. This is what we will be covering. It won't delete the received message, but it will mark the message unread on Instagram. You will be able to see which messages are important when you return.

1. Unread messages on Instagram Business accounts

Let's say a friend or follower has sent you a text to urgently discuss something. Now, you are unable to respond to their questions or have the time. In this instance, there is only one question: How to mark messages as "unread" on Instagram so I can return them later?

Another scenario is that you receive a message from your crush or ex and you don't intend to read it. As luck would have it though, you accidentally opened their chat in less than 60 seconds. In such a situation, you can also delete a message from Instagram.

You can mark messages as unread if you have an Instagram business account. It is an extremely recent feature and users aren't aware of it. We will cover this feature in detail here.

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If you have an Instagram business account, open your inbox now. What do you see? 

Tabs primary and general

The 'Primary'tab' lists the most important conversations. You will be notified when a person on this list sends a DM to you.

The General tab includes the ones you don't need to respond to immediately. You will not receive any notifications from the sender if you place a conversation here. These messages can be viewed whenever you are able.

Let's get back to the original question. What can we do to unread messages on Instagram?

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2. Unread Instagram Messages Using The Official App

You can use Instagram to a certain extent to learn how to mark DMs as unread on Instagram. Let's find out how. It doesn't matter if the conversation is in your primary or general inbox, it is easy.

You can learn how to delete messages from Instagram by switching to a business account. Follow these steps:

1. Open your inbox and tap the selecting icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Choose the conversations that you wish to mark unread. Next, tap on "More”.

Tip: When you open your email inbox, you will find the chat that you want to unread. You can then tap and hold the conversation for several seconds to see the same options.

3. Finally tap on 'Register as Unread'

Unread Instagram messages in the official app

Done! You will now see the blue dot next to the conversation. The red notification number will also be displayed in your inbox.

While you may know how to mark messages as unread on Instagram, messages won't be marked as unseen by the sender. This is a way to mark conversations that you haven’t had the opportunity to read or respond to. This feature is also not yet available in the desktop version.

4. Unread Instagram Messages Without a Business Account

Many Instagrammers ask "Can you unread an Instagram message?"This question is only for business accounts. Many Instagrammers use the platform for personal reasons or don't want to be associated with a business account. How do you handle this situation? Is it possible to mark Instagram messages as not read? 

Yes! Yes! There is an in-app option for this. When you restrict someone on Instagram, messages sent by that person will be marked message requests. Even if you have read the messages, they won't be marked as read.

These steps will show you how to delete Instagram messages from a private account.

  • You can open the account where you want to mark unread messages.
  • Next, tap the three dots icon at the top right of the screen and then tap on Limit.
  • How to limit someone on Instagram
  • Next, confirm your decision.
  • Now, send the following messages to that person:
  • Message requests from restricted users

This isn't the best method, as you can't reply to messages anymore and Instagram daily limits can make it impossible for you to respond. Is there another way?

5. Marking Messages as Unread via Email with AiGrow

AiGrow's best feature is the ability to send and receive Instagram DMs directly from your email. We all know that we can mark messages as read, unread, flag them, and give labels to them in the Email environment.

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We already explained that even if you delete a message from Instagram, the read receipt will still be there. We can now get rid of that scarlet letter! We can now unread Instagram messages by connecting our Email address to our Instagram DM Inbox.

With New Instagram updates you can now access unread messages from a business account. It is complicated, even if your business account has been set up. The seen receipt will not be removed if you are unread an Instagram message. It won't delete the received message, but it will mark the message unread on Instagram.

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