Instagram reels are Instagram’s take on the famous short video creation bound to keep viewers entertained. It comes packed with tons of features like interesting filters, different modes of speed, varying duration of the video, and you can even add popular music to your videos.

image 178 How to make Instagram Reels in these three simple steps
How to make Instagram Reels in these three simple steps 4

Typically, reels were made for 15-second long videos, but you can extend this time to 30 seconds if you want. Within Instagram, you can shoot live videos, edit them, and post. There is also an option for you to post your reel on your primary profile grid, or you can choose to have it on your reel space instead of your main profile.

Another feature of this new addition to Instagram is that you can upload your reel for a broader community to view it if you have a public profile. There is a button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to view all the reels available on Instagram. What type of reels you see on your reel explore space is highly dependable on your overall Instagram algorithm.

When it comes to posting engagement, having a public account will give you an added benefit. Even the people who don’t follow you can view your reels through the reels explore button.

How to create Instagram Reels:

If you want to learn how to make a reel on Instagramfollow these simple steps below:

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Select Features:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap on the story icon to create new stories
  3. Click on the reels option.
  4. Select your preferred music, speed of the video, and whatever filters you want to use
  5. You can also skip this step and directly record your voice and face without the features in real-time. It is important to note that it will directly attribute this audio to you if you upload a reel with the original audio. Other people who view your reel can also use your audio in their reels by selecting the “use audio” option from your reel.
  6. There is an option to use a timer to create your videos hands-free.

Shoot the video

Here comes the central part where you have to shoot the video. If you are using the timer, there will be a countdown – 3-2-1, and the recording will automatically start. If you are manually recording the video, you can press and hold the button for however long you want the video to be. Note that you can only make the video lasts 30 seconds at max.

There will be an indicator at the top of the screen that tells you how far along the limited time you are when taking the video. You can continuously take the video in one take or break it up and make exciting transitions. Leaving the shutter button will pause the recording. Pressing it again will resume recording.

Share/ upload the video

After you are done recording your video, you can add even more features such as text or stickers, and GIFs. If you press and hold an item, you can pin them to a specific time in the video where you want it to appear. You can review your reel and even trim or delete sections if you have done more than one take.

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Once you are happy with how the reel has turned out, you can press “next,” which will prompt the upload screen. Here you can add captions and hashtags. There is an option for you to choose the thumbnail of your reel. You can either select a screenshot on your original video or add a picture from your gallery. You can also decide if you want the reel to show up on your primary profile grid or only on your reel's space.

how can you make a reels on Instagram
How to make Instagram Reels in these three simple steps 5

If you don’t want to shoot a live video, you have the option of adding videos from your phone’s gallery. You can do this by clicking on the gallery image at the bottom left corner of the screen and choose whichever video you want.

Keep in mind that if the video is longer than 30 seconds, it will automatically chop the video at 30 seconds. With this type of upload, you can add music but cannot edit the speed or add filters to your videos.

Watch this video to learn how to make a reel on Instagram.

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