This will be the topic for you if you want to use unique items to set yourself apart from the crowd and want to know how to make an icon on Instagram. Instagram is brimming with creative influencers. Particularly while utilising GIFs, we may notice a lot of unique icons. They’re created by people just like all of us, and we’re stumped about how to produce an Instagram symbol.


Creating your own symbols is fantastic, but there is still no method to do it within Instagram. We have some great third-party applications for this, and you can make whatever you want with them. Designing an icon using Instagram Stories Highlighting, in particular, has proven to be highly popular among consumers.

People utilize template design symbols for the Instagram highlights images to become popular among the people. If you want to become more popular, you can also grow followers on Instagram by making different and unique logos. You may also modify your Favorites on Instagram by making minor adjustments. And here is how to make an icon on Instagram:

  • Go over to the Story as well as touch the tri dotted button even after you’ve highlighted your Story.
  • Select ‘Edit Highlight’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose ‘Edit Cover.’
  • You may now choose any picture from the camera roll to be used as a cover photo.
  • Third-party programmes are required for further modification.
how to make an icon on Instagram

How to make an icon on Instagram using apps from third parties?

Instagram is rich with symbols and originality. Third-party applications are aware of this, and they have developed far simpler tools for creating your own pictures. Here is the method of how to make an icon on Instagram:


Pinterest is a popular social media network that connects users to share images. You must sign in and use Pinterest, but you might also use your Facebook and Google account to do just that.

The goal of such a platform should be to help you identify subjects that fascinate you. And that is where the name comes from. You may make your own photos, as well as see and share the images of others because you like it. If you enjoy what other people are doing, you could follow them.

Pinterest also has a large number of Instagram photos. It’s finished and available to use. Anyone can choose one of the final photos rather than just learning how to produce them if you would not want to understand how to do so.

Pinterest is indeed an excellent resource for generating picture inspiration. Look at some other people’s hard work before you start making your own. Another advantage of Pinterest is that it is accessible as a smartphone application. So you may make your photos, which will be saved in the gallery, and then you can submit them to Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are linked. You may view the same photos on individuals’ Instagram profiles if you go to their Social media pages.

How to make an icon on Instagram using Canva?

Canva was founded in 2012 and is a visual design tool. Ever since, its popularity has skyrocketed, and it has become one of the most often used development tools among organizations. Although Canva has become so easy to use, you can create whichever design you want. Users can move images around and edit them in Photoshop. It, too, is cheap and only needs a simple subscription. You may use your Google account, or e-mail address to log in. This isn’t, unfortunately, a social networking site like Pinterest. You won’t be able to see other people’s work in the same way that you can on Pinterest, but designing anything at all on Canva is simple if you’ve no experience with graphic design.

how to make an icon on Instagram

Adobe Photoshop

If you’re a skilled graphic designer, you’re likely familiar with Adobe Photoshop. It seems to be the most professional approach to create an Instagram symbol. Just about every advertising designer uses it as a professional product design tool.

Although Adobe Photoshop is also not a free programme, it does provide a one-month trial period. Adobe Photoshop has a mobile application named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express.’ It’s compatible with iOS as well as Android devices and with Windows Phones also. It may also be utilized on a personal computer. Adobe Photoshop Quick is a lot easier than when using Adobe Photoshop. Give access to the gallery after you’ve downloaded it, and you’ll be able to edit your images.


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