In the present era, Instagram is the most popular social media platform among others. With a massive active user base of 1 billion users globally. Most Individuals and Organisations use this platform to promote themselves ot their business. By promoting yourself, you can reach your targeted audience efficiently. And for advertising, you need to place your post on top. But How to make a top post on Instagram?

How to make a top post on Instagram

Instagram offers many features and options to the user to enhance their user experience or promote their business. Bust most users are not aware of it, and they are not using the features to their full potential. 

In this article, we will be discussing “How to Make a Top Post on Instagram. “

So Let’s Start!

What are Top posts on Instagram?

Whenever you visit the explore section on Instagram and search for a specific hashtag, the first couple of posts are termed as Top posts. The Instagram algorithm chooses these posts based on the visibility, reach and impressions. There is no sure-shot formula for making your post in the top section, but some general methods work in most cases.

There are some rumors about the trending posts from a big account or an account with a large viewer base. But that’s not true. An account with a fewer number of followers can also be featured among the other top posts. Similarly, larger accounts can also be placed in lower positions. The posts in the top section are sorted according to the Instagram algorithm.

Tips for “ How to Make a top post on Instagram. “

You can follow some general rules and methods to feature your post on the Explore or Top section in the hashtag option. Most of these methods are used by Individuals and Organizations having a more significant Instagram account to increase their account visibility.

Post Quality Content

How to make a top post on Instagram

The first step for reaching the top spot in explore section is to post quality content. Ensure that every post from your side adds some value or quality to anyone consuming it. Also, be aware of crappy and spammy content. Don’t post that content, as there are higher chances of not getting visibility at all. Also, you can add beautiful captions along with relevant hashtags to rank your post higher.

Bring Engagement and How to make a top post on Instagram

You can make your posts ranking higher by simply bringing more engagement to your account. Even if a smaller account having more likes and followers is featured in the top section. 99% of the time, engagement plays a significant role in uplifting an account. You can make exciting posts that inspire the user to make comments, likes, shares on your post. Also, you can run contests and campaigns on your posts to bring more likes and comments. If you cannot do that, you can buy organic like comments from followers from here.

Always make sure to know about the latest trends on Instagram. You can create exciting posts with current scenarios or trends to gain more reach on Instagram. Also, you can offer something to your users for free to gain more likes and comments, which will ultimately rank up your post on the top section of Explore page.


Whether you are looking to market your product or increase your reach, ranking up your posts higher is the right choice. You can use a lot of options within the Instagram app to boost your posts and account visibility. With an account having maximum reach, you can easily market your products. You can use these methods as mentioned above to increase your reach. Also, an account with massive followers and stronger impressions can reach a large user base.