Do you feel the urge to learn how to make a second Instagram account? Do you want a separate Instagram account for personal and business use? Are you wondering how you are going to manage multiple Instagram accounts at once? This article will show you how to make a second Instagram account and also how to manage multiple Instagram accounts like a pro.

how to make a second Instagram account
How to Make a Second Instagram Account? 4

Handling multiple Instagram accounts isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But does that mean you won’t make another Instagram account if the need be? Well, the situation does demand from you to make a second Instagram account or even a third. 

Creating a new account on instgram when you already have a previous one has become quite common. The advanced software and technology help in seamlessly switching between separate Instagram accounts pretty easily. 

Normally people only have one to two accounts on Instagram. And there could be several reasons for which you might need a second account of Instagram.

Luckily, Instagram is pretty okay with people who have more than one account on Instagram. Other social networks aren’t as accepting as Instagram in this case. The social media app has even gone the extra mile by providing seamless switching between the accounts as well. This is surely great news for all the small business owners, social media marketers, and people blessed with multiple passions out there.

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Why do you need a separate Instagram account?

Instagram has quite a narrow focus. This can be seen by the fact that a single account is constructed in a way that only concentrates on one thing. A deviation from one focus can dilute the whole message. This can act as a huge limitation if you made the account for brand promotion or business purposes. That’s why the thought of having a second or multiple Instagram accounts comes to mind. 

You can easily divide your personal and private life by having a second Instagram account. This means you will have one account dedicated to play and the other one dedicated to work. So, your life stays balanced and steer clear of any confusion.

How to make a second Instagram account?

The biggest advantage of having a second Instagram account is that you don’t have to continuously log in separately for the second account. All the Instagram accounts can easily be accessed by clicking on the profile icon in the lower right corner. You can choose the Instagram account you want to use out of the visible usernames, select the account you want to operate, and get started.

how to make a second Instagram account
How to Make a Second Instagram Account? 5

Making a second Instagram account is mainly done in two ways:

  • You can make a second Instagram account while staying signed in to your previous or old account
  • If you already have multiple accounts on Instagram, you can simply attach them to the new account of Instagram

Step by Step Guide: How to make a second Instagram account?

  • Go to Instagram app on your mobile or PC and access the app
  • Open your profile on Instagram by tapping on the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Open settings by tapping on the gear icon in the upper right corner
  • Keep scrolling until the “Add Account” option appears and click on it
  • At the base, of the Instagram page, click signup
  • Select whether you want to link your Facebook account or e-mail
  • However, if Facebook is your primary account, then you will have to sign up with your phone or e-mail
  • Give authorization access to Facebook if you want to connect your Instagram account to Facebook
  • Feed your personal details such as phone and e-mail
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Note: Instagram won’t let you use the same e-mail for a separate Instagram account

  • Confirm your account by verifying the e-mail they have sent and also confirm the address
  • Signing up using a phone number means you can verify using the code sent on your mobile
  • Then, you can add your profile picture, name, and create a strong password. Tap on next 
  • Now create a unique username. The username can be changed whenever you want
  • Then connect your Facebook account or choose to skip
  • Instagram will then access your contacts to help you find known people on the app
  • Finally, you can start doing your thing on Instagram

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