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How To Know If You’re Shadowbanned On Instagram
How To Know If You are Shadowbanned On Instagram? 5

Although it can happen due to several reasons, being shadowbanned remains number one. But how to know if you are shadowbanned on Instagram? In this article, we will disclose a simple tip that will come in handy for you later.

Instagram shadowban

The act of shadowbanning refers to blocking or restricting content on social media platforms. It happens in such a way that the user remains unaware of being shadowbanned on Instagram.

Moreover, shadowbanning prevents your content from appearing on feeds unless people follow you. Consequently, what you get is a significant drop in your reach and engagement rate. Furthermore, it also makes your efforts and time go in vain while restricting the natural growth on the platform.

Instagram shadowban is happening to users all over the world. According to Instagram, things like shadowban do not exist before their eyes. It is nothing more than a common misconception of users. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find many accounts complaining about the same.

Why are you shadowbanned?

Before knowing how to know if you are shadowbanned on instagram, you need to know the reasons. At this present moment, multiple potential reasons can get you the shadowban card on Instagram.

  1. Using bots

If you are not ready to do the job yourself, Instagram will not support your artificial growth. Instead, it encourages users to develop strategies that focus on connecting with the right audience.

  1. Using inactive hashtags

Popular hashtags are often prone to overflow with inappropriate content. So when this happens, Instagram ensures to either limit its use or remove the hashtag. If you are using a broken or inactive hashtag, it can prevent other relevant hashtags from working on your posts.

  1. Reported account

If your audience is continuously reporting your account, Instagram will take the necessary steps to look into the issue. Consequently, there are high chances that it might assume your content violates its community guidelines. It is how you can end up being shadowbanned by the platform.

In addition to this, Instagram also considers the growing pace of your account. In other words, if you are following up to 50-60 people within an hour, Instagram knows that a bot is doing it.

How to know if you are shadowbanned?

Determining whether you are shadowbanned on Instagram or not is easy. Begin the process by posting an image and use a hashtag that users rarely use. If you go for a more popular hashtag, your job will become tough.


Because using hashtags is one of the best ways to reach more people. It also helps Instagram users to increase their reach and engagement rate. So the more people use a specific hashtag, the lower your post can go due to stiff competition.

How To Know If You’re Shadowbanned On Instagram
How To Know If You are Shadowbanned On Instagram? 6

Next, ask your colleagues or friends who do not follow you to search your post in the hashtag. If no one can find your post, you know the answer. In simple words, you have been shadowbanned by Instagram.

On the contrary, if one or two people can see your post, it means that your account is experiencing a drop in engagement. Fortunately, users can try different strategies to come off with flying colors.

Get rid of Instagram shadowban

To get your Instagram account back to normal, you need to do a few things to reverse the damage.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to stop using bots
  2. Avoid using inactive hashtags
  3. Try not to use your account for at least 48 hours
  4. Follow Instagram rules and regulations policy to be the star of the show

After reviving your account to its natural state, it is time for a boost. You can use Social Media Growth Services such as Galaxy Marketing to boost your followers, likes, comments, etc. It helps you to reincarnate your account with the boost it deserves.