Many people use Instagram for different reasons. As a fast-growing app, it is a cool place to upload photos, videos, reels, and hang out with friends in a virtual world. If you message someone to network or engage in a casual conversation with them, you have to read further on how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram.

Apart from liking, commenting, and sharing, Instagram gives you an option to message and to interact with someone you know on the internet. People use many social media tools to message and form meaningful connections with each other. With the rising need for social connections and social engineering, it’s a constant requirement to message someone on the internet.

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You may be reaching out to someone in another part of the world for suggestions, seeking clarifications, networking, or engaging in a conversation. How to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram?

how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram

Irrespective of holding a private or a public account, Instagram likes to protect its users from creeps, bullies, and trollers on the internet world. When you message someone on Instagram, it appears as a request that can either be accepted or declined by the receiver. How to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram?

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How to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram from their private or public account?

There’s no concrete way to find if your sent message has been accepted or declined by the receiver. Currently, Instagram doesn’t have a feature to find this out. However, you can consider some factors to understand how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram.

If it’s a public account that is open, anyone can view their posts and stories that they share without having to follow them. This is usually used by content creators, bloggers, influencers, and talents who need to exhibit their work to the outer world.

If you DM a public profile holder, there are chances for the receiver to respond to you based on the message you send them. While they don’t need to respond to you as it largely depends on the message content you send them, let's check how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram.

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how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram

However, if it is a restricted or a private account, the chances of getting a response to your message are very slim. A private account is for someone who wants to have a private life. You, as an outsider will not be able to view the content that they are posting on their account. You’ll have to send a follow request to them and they will decide if you should be a part of their audience. Due to this very reason, it’s rare for a private account holder to reply to your message.

How to know if they have accepted or declined the message?

There are ways to find out if your message has hit the radar of the receiver. One way of finding this is by opening the sent message on your device and if it has “seen” written below your message, the receiver has accepted your request. The receiver may or may not reply to you but can tap on “accept” on their device. This is why you will be able to see “seen” below the message that you sent. 

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However, if you have sent the message a long time ago and you are still unable to see “seen” below your message, chances are the receiver has declined your request. This is one method of speculating it, however; it’s not a definite answer. There is also another probability - the receiver might not have taken any actions on the message.

He or she might not have tapped on any of the options shown on his/her mobile screen to Accept or Decline. If the receiver lets it sit idle in the inbox, the message will lapse after 30 days. The receiver will not be able to retrieve it after 30 days. So the sender will never know if the receiver has read the message or it missed their attention.

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