Actively participating in engagement groups is a way of promoting your account and posts to your niche. Their engaging comments and likes will keep your profile and feed actively. And in the same way, you must reciprocate the help they offer you. Here are few ways on how to join an Instagram engagement group.

What is an Instagram Engagement group?

Before joining one such group, make yourself clear on what is an engagement group. An Instagram engagement group is also known as “Instagram pods” or “Insta engagement groups”. These are groups where people mutually agree to help each other in posting for their comments and providing likes.

  • The rules in various engagement groups might differ. But the most common ones are:
  • Follow the members of the group
  • Like their posts.
  • Provide valuable comments for the posts. 
  • The others must reciprocate the same.
how to join an Instagram engagement group

Deciding to join in engagement groups:

The type of group you wish to be a member of will decide on how to join an Instagram engagement group.

1. Engagement group on Instagram:

Once you publish a post on Instagram, you notify the members for them to comment and like your posts as soon as possible. The notification here is done through the normal Instagram group Direct Message (DM). 

To find such groups, you can directly ask the people whose account are active whether they belong to an engagement group or can recommend any groups to you. You can also try using other Instagram related social media platforms like Facebook if there are such groups available.  

If you find a group, you’ll be required to send an invite or request and wait for the approval to become a part of the group.

2. Searching via Twitter:

You can use hashtags and search Instagram engagement groups on Twitter according to your likelihood. As soon as you find one, requesting the group is the only task you have to perform to join an engagement group.

3. Instagram “Rounds” groups on Telegram:

The “Rounds” engagement groups available in telegram is where about a hundred people like each other’s posts on Instagram in a particular hour. The rounds are scheduled when you must stay active in liking your fellow groupmates’ posts. 

The main advantage of Instagram engagement groups on telegram is that they are regulated by bots. The rules are fed to the bots and the task is to remove persons from the group who do not engage in following the rules.

Do not think that you can join a group and cheat your fellow mates by telling them you’ve responded as expected. Hence, before joining an engagement group, be aware of the rules that are to be followed. Do not complicate this process by joining many such groups. Choose wisely according to the time that you can allocate to meet the expectations of the group.

Why search on other platforms?

By looking at the above-mentioned ways of finding an Instagram engagement group, you might be confused about why to look for Instagram engagement groups on other platforms. This is because Instagram offers only a limited number of participants to stay in an Instagram pod. And these groups are hard to find due to limited seats.

To provide a wider option for engaging the audience, notifications for Instagram posts are sent across other platforms where a larger group is present. 

You can also ping persons in their DM to know if there are any specific ways on how to join an Instagram engagement group that they are present.

how to join an Instagram engagement group

If you have ample time to invest in building relationships through engagement groups, it’s well and good. But if you have time constraints, opt for the best way to grow Instagram followers and spend your valuable time in developing other aspects of your business.