How to hide who you follow on Instagram? In this era of the internet, all the personal data of people are following through the social media applications such as Instagram. Although, Instagram takes proper care about its security and double-checks with the users if they want the specific people to see their pictures and stories, privacy is one of the key features in the age of the internet. Therefore here, one will know how to hide who you follow on Instagram.

If one is a private person, they would want the least number of people to know about their stories, posts, or followers.

It is a good thing to be private in the age of social media. But many times, people are either new on Instagram or don't know how to hide who you follow on instagram.

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There a few things one can do to hide the people who one follows. It simply means that people who visit one's profile won’t be able to check the number of followers or who one follows.

There are basically 4-5 ways on the topic of how to hide who you follow on instagram. Here are some of them.

How to hide who you follow on Instagram?
How to hide who you follow on Instagram? 4

One can make their Instagram account private.

It is really difficult to keep one's followers hidden, or in general, an account hidden from other people if one's account is public.

To maintain privacy, one can switch their account from public to private. It will help in hiding not only their followers but the whole profile from the people who one doesn't follow.

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Although, take a note that the people one follows and whoever follows one will still be able to see all the people one follows and the post he/she does.

It can be a great option if one only follows people that are close and wouldn’t mind sharing the information with them.

To make your account from public to private, go to the navigating bar on the left and click on profile. After clicking on the profile, one can choose the option of editing the profile, and make it private. That's all there is to it.

How to hide who you follow on Instagram?
How to hide who you follow on Instagram? 5

One can remove their followers.

Many times, one has already followed loads of people and now wants to hide their account of the people one follows from specific people. In this making, the Instagram account from public to private won’t help one as the followers are still able to see all the activities from one’s account.

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Here if one wishes, they can remove those specific people from their follow list while keeping their account private. Since they won’t be following one's account anymore, they won’t be able to see a thing.

To directly remove a specific person from one's followers list, go to the main profile page. Then click on the follower's tab. One can either search their username in the search bar or scroll down and find the person.

After one finds the person that one wants to remove, just click on their username and tap on the option removed. The person will be removed from the follower's list.

Block people.

One of the easiest ways to hide one's followers from other people is simply by blocking them. It is the last resort as blocking isn't a good thing to do plus if one blocks another person, that person won’t be able to see one’s account, but the one will also not be able to see the blocked person's account.

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Therefore, unless one doesn't really have any other option left, then only block a person.

What to do if one doesn’t want their contacts to find their Instagram?

Many times people find one’s Instagram account because they have their mobile number saved in their phone. Instagram has a feature that directly detects who all are signed up on Instagram from one’s contacts.

If one wants to avoid people finding one's account through contacts, just deny the access of call logs and contacts when Instagram prompts. One can manually set the permission off from settings.

How to hide stories from specific people?

Another thing that everyone wants is to hide their stories from specific people, or just show them to specific people. One can do that by just going into their story setting and select the people one wants to show the story to.

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