There isn't a way to block reels from a particular person on Instagram. To block your reels from someone specific, the best option is to block that user!

Who is able to see my posts on Instagram?

The Instagram account is public on default. This means that anyone, not just your followers are able to see the reels you post and even share them. Reels uploaded to public accounts can be seen in the reels tab, hashtags and audio pages. In addition, anyone who is using Instagram can create a reel with their own audio, if they have a public profile.

However, if your account is not private, only approved followers will be able to see the reels and post them on social media. If someone uploads your reel in their stories or through a DM only those who follow you can view the reel. Furthermore, no one will be able to utilize your original audio recordings to create reels.

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How could stop a specific person from viewing my Instagram reels?

Although it isn't possible in native Instagram however, there are some tricks to hide Instagram reels from a single person.

How do you conceal Instagram reels from someone else?

To block your Instagram feeds on Instagram from one particular user The best way to do is to block the specific user.

To stop someone from Instagram 

Go to their profile and tap on the symbol of the ellipsis (3-dot) in the upper-right. Choose 'Block', then Block once more to verify. The person who was blocked will no longer be allowed to access the reels or posts or stories. Instagram doesn't inform who you blocked them. It is important to note that the person will be deleted from your followers and you'll have to reconnect with them following having removed the block.

Make a switch to a private account instead if you don't want strangers or people who aren't followers to see your reels.

If you want to keep your Instagram private 

Go to Settings > Privacy. Switch on the toggle next to the 'Private Account and click "Switch to Private". Then, people who were being followed by you (on an account that is public) and new follow requests you approve of will only be able to view your reels.

If you're looking to hide your reels from a follower already on your list, it's possible. To eliminate someone from your list of followers go to your profile and select Followers on the right. Find the name of the person and tap the button 'Remove' right next to their name. Click Removing to verify. If you delete a follower, Instagram won't tell the individual user that you've removed them.

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