We will be lying to ourselves if we say we haven't accidentally liked a photo on Instagram. How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram is something everyone has thought about once in their life. How many times has it happened to you that you are stalking a friend to either get a photo inspiration or you want to see how they looked older?

You are fooling around on Instagram by stalking your exes, and all of a sudden, you find yourself accidentally liking a four-year-old photo that would immediately notify them of you sneaking around their I.D.s.

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This is something that most people do, but it gets super embarrassing when you don't know what to do next and how to face that person.

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How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram? 8

A lot will go in our minds about what will happen once you like that old snap.

Instagram tends to send a notification for whatever activity is going around on your account until you disable it through the settings.

This is one such thing that is done for privacy reasons but can get annoying with a sea of notifications flooding in when you are active on the gram to know How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram.

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Most big influencers or people with many followers who engage with Instagram try to disable their notifications for likes and comments so that their phones aren't constantly vibrating.

But just in case you like a photo of someone who had the notification on, well, that would be your unlucky day.

Many ways let you know How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram

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1. Unlike The Photo

You know Instagram sends the notifications immediately when there is an activity going on any account. When you like a picture accidentally, the notification gets sent to that person immediately.

If you are lucky enough that the person with whom you have just done this isn't active at that point, you can unlike it immediately, and the notification will disappear.

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But if they are on their phones at that time with their notification not disabled, they will see what you have done, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Your best bet will be to dislike it immediately and not think about what you have done anymore, no matter how embarrassing and challenging it is for you

2. Hit The Latest Post

To consider How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram, one good thing about the app is that when you like a post, and its notification is sent to the person, it gets displayed as "----- liked your photo." It doesn't show which picture it is, and this is your cue to do damage control.

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The seconds before the person opens your notification and sees which images you have liked, you can unlike that photo and immediately like their latest post.

This way, when they see the notification, they will assume that you have liked the post which appeared on your timeline.

If they click on the already existing notification on their header tab, then it won't load, and they can't figure out a thing.

It can get tricky if you have liked a post of a person you don't follow. In such a case, click on the following button and move.

3. Go Private

If you are worried to death about what you have done and this is too extreme for you, just set your account to private so they won't know who you are.

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If you are already a private account, you can change your profile picture and appear to be an anonymous account or a fan page for a while until your fear dies down.

These are ways to figure out How To Hide Accidental Likes On Instagram, But there is no need to go this far because this is a widespread mistake that people make, so stick to the first two methods, which will be more accessible and fairer than going full M.I.A.