How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 6

Hashtagging has become the most common method of categorizing social media information that we share. Attaching the number sign (#) without any spaces to any word or phrase is all it takes to turn it into a clickable hashtag.

Hashtags allow us to:

  • Categorize information according to topic or theme;
  • Follow and track trending topics; and
  • Make our posts discoverable to other users through search.

Most of the big, popular social networking sites allow you to use hashtags in your posts, and although the basic hashtaging concept remains the same across all of them, they all differ slightly in terms of the results— or “hashtag traffic”— that you can receive.

Browse through the following slides to see how to make the most of hashtagging on some of the most popular social networking sites on the internet-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

How to Hashtag on Instagram

How to Hashtag on Instagram
How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 7

Adding hashtags to your photos and videos can be one of the quickest ways to get views on Instagram— and even new fans.

Instagram does not have a clear hashtag feature, so most users attach hashtags in the caption before uploading it. When you publish it, every word with a “#” sign before it turns blue as a Here are a few suggestions you can remember before you load too many of them into your caption.

Add hashtags as a comment instead of including them in the caption. 

Captions still remain shown below the post and can look spammy with too many hashtags attached to it and take the viewer’s attention away from the actual description. Then, first post your photo or video and then add the hashtags afterwards as a comment. That way, if you get enough additional comments from followers it becomes secret. If you choose you can also delete the comment later on.

Use popular hashtags to increase interaction.

You can have a look at some of the most common Instagram hashtags used and add them to your photos and videos if you want to have a few instant views on your Instagram posts. These are the ones most often searched by the majority of people, so you can quickly discover your posts and attract new interactions.

Use the Tags for Likes app to get ideas.

The Tags for Likes app monitors and gathers the most common hashtags that are used on Instagram, and organizes them into groups and organizes them into 20 or so sets that you can copy and paste into your posts. This is a great app to see what’s happening right now, or to get suggestions to use more hashtags.

Use weekday hashtags, like #ThrowbackThursday.

Instagram users love to play games with hashtags and some of these hashtags on weekdays are a great way to start. Throwback Thursday is the most famous, arguably.

How to Hashtag on Facebook

How to Hashtag on Facebook
How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 8

Facebook is a bit of a newcomer to the world of hashtags and although people are probably not searching for them as much here compared to other sites like Instagram and Twitter, they can still be used for fun.

You can attach a hashtag on Facebook by adding the “#” to any word or phrase in posts, and commenting on posts from other users to make them a blue, clickable hashtag connection.

Set your post privacy to “Public” if you want everyone on Facebook to be able to see your hashtagged posts.

Facebook has has has dedicated hashtag pages that can be found by going to / hashtag / WORD, where WORD is whatever word or phrase you’re searching for. For example, you can find #sanfrancisco at / hashtag / sanfrancisco.

If you want to show up on these types of sites, you need to make sure that your messages are set to “Public” when you publish them, as opposed to “Friends” or anything else.

Don’t expect to get a ton of exposure by using hashtags on Facebook. 

Hashtags remain a curious and somewhat overlooked feature on Facebook by the public, and a 2013 report by EdgeRank Checker showed that using them doesn’t really do much to help get the word out of anything you’re talking about.

In your own posts and comments, you can still play with them but your mates will most likely be among the only people who will actually see them.

How to Hashtag on Twitter

How to Hashtag on Twitter
How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 9

Twitter is such a broad, open platform for real-time discussions, and it is here that hashtags really come to life.

You can insert them in your tweets anywhere, provided they fit within the 280-character cap. Hashtags marked with a “#” will be clickable and will display all the latest tweets that contain it.

Use the Twitter Worldwide Trends section and the Discover tab to see what hashtags are currently popular.

As Twitter is all about what’s happening right now, current trend topics are a great way to get involved in a conversation and get publicity.

You can see how additional directories of trending topics can be used to find even more common hashtags.

Follow a Twitter chat.

Plenty of conversations happen on Facebook, and you can engage in lots of scheduled chats, which you can track with its corresponding hashtag.

To get started, check out this list of famous Twitter chats and those Twitter chat tools.

How to Hashtags on Tumblr

How to Hashtags on Tumblr
How to Hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 10

Using hashtags on Tumblr is a great way to get discovered by new users who are looking for more blogs to follow, and also a great way to get more likes and reblogs.

People often search keywords and hashtags using Tumblr’s internal search, so if you use hashtags properly, your Tumblr posts should show up in there.

Use the hashtag section in the Tumblr post editor rather than inserting them directly in post content.

Like Instagram, Twitter, and even Linkedin, all of which have you adding hashtags directly to the content of your post, Tumblr has a specific section to attach hashtags. You should see it marked by the little tag icon at the bottom whenever you’re in the process of getting ready to publish a new post.

Hashtags added to the content of your post— like text posts or photo captions— will not appear as clickable links. You must use the section unique to the name.

Through displaying it on your Tumblr Dashboard and searching for the tags listed at the bottom of the post you can tell that a post has hashtags attached to it.

Use popular hashtags to increase your post exposure.

To see a brief list of currently popular search terms and tags, you can browse the Tumblr search page, or use this list of some of the most commonly used and searched hashtags on Tumblr to get more views and reblogs on your articles.